Humble Bundle For Android 4 Brings 5 New Games To Android

The Humble Bundle for Android is back with six new games for Android that gamers can pay what they want for.


The latest Humble Bundle for Android offering brings five new games to Android including the incredible Sword & Sworcery EP and Machinarium. New to Android are also Splice, Eufloria, and Waking Mars. The final game in the collection of six is Crayon Physics Deluxe which was already available on Android.

Android gamers can pay any price they want to get five of the games excluding Machinarium. Gamers that pay above the average which currently sits at $5.39 get the full six games. All of the games also come with PC, Mac, and Linux versions as well as their soundtracks.

All of the games in the bundle are already available on iPhone or iPad, though iOS users will need to pay much more than $5 to get all six games.


Like all Humble Bundles gamers who buy the bundle can choose how their payment is split up. Be default most money goes to developers of the games, a smaller portion goes to the EFF and Child’s Play, and an even smaller portion goes to the Humble Bundle organizers.


All of the games included in this bundle are great games, especially Sword & Sworcery EP and Machinarium. The bundle is worthwhile for just those two games for any gamer. Since the games come with the PC, Mac, and Linux versions, the bundle isĀ appealingĀ even to iPhone and Windows Phone owners.

Humble Bundle for Android 4

Typically the Humble Bundle will add more games to the bundle after a few days for those who pay over the average. The last bundle added games like World of Goo to the bundle before it was over.

This current Humble Bundle ends on November 22 so gamers have two weeks to decide if they want it.