AT&T Samsung Galaxy Camera Lands This Week for $500

In early October, confirmed that it would be launching the Samsung Galaxy Camera, a fully-equipped camera with a touch screen running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Now, the carrier has confirmed that the device will be hitting its network this Friday, November 16th, with an extremely expensive price tag.


AT&T confirmed the news today saying that the anticipated Android-powered camera will be touching down this week for $499.99. AT&T also says that for a limited time, it will be taking $100 off of a second Galaxy-branded handset or Samsung connected device when they purchase a new Samsung Galaxy device, including the Galaxy Camera, on-contract.

That means that both the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 2 are included in the deal.

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The Galaxy Camera will be hitting AT&T this week for $500.


Before today, the pricing and release date of the Galaxy Camera in the United States was completely unknown. However, now armed with the $500 price tag and November 16th release date, shoppers can finally determine whether they want to pick up this powerful camera as a gift this holiday season.


The Galaxy Camera offers offers Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as a mobile operating system which means owners will have access to the same applications smartphone owners do on the Google Play Store. This will of course will allow owners to manipulate photos just like they might on a smartphone.

It also features a 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD screen where users can look at photos or move about Android 4.1. Of course, this is also a camera which means that it features some things that one might find on a normal point-and-shoot-camera.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera possesses a massive 21X optical zoom which is extremely fast for shooting wide angle shots. It also has a 16MP image sensor, which is about twice the resolution of most high-end smartphones’ cameras which tend to have 8MP rear cameras.


It also offers cellular connectivity through AT&T’s 4G network, we assume it’s HSPA+,  and that will make it easy to send or share photos with family and friends. As for its processing power, it packs a 1GHz quad-core processor which will help the device and its software run smoothly.