Samsung ATIV Odyssey For Verizon Image Leaks

A new leaked image from @evleaks shows the upcoming Samsung ATIV Odyssey which will come to Verizon Wireless sometime in December.


The image shows a Samsung Windows Phone 8 device that looks a lot like the Galaxy S III with a redesigned back cover. The main difference between the two devices from the front is the ATIV Odyssey uses three soft buttons instead of a physical home button.

The image makes the Samsung ATIV Odyssey look relatively small compared to other Samsung devices. The ATIV S, which the Odyssey is plainly a variant of, has a 4.8-inch 720p display like the Samsung Galaxy S III. Without some sort of reference it’s difficult to say for sure, but the ATIV Odyssey appears to have a somewhat smaller screen based on its proportions.Samsung ATIV Odyssey

Like the Samsung Galaxy S III, the ATIV Odyssey has its power button on the left and the volume buttons opposite it on the left side of the device. Lower on the right side is the dedicated camera button which Microsoft mandates for every Windows Phone. Opposite the camera button looks like a slot for a microSD card.


Verizon will release the Samsung ATIV Odyssey sometime in December for an unspecified price. The phone is the third Windows Phone 8 device in the carrier’s lineup. The other two devices are the Windows Phone 8X by HTC and the Nokia Lumia 822. Those phones will start shipping this week for $199.99 and $99.99, respectively.


It’s not clear if the Samsung ATIV Odyssey will compete more with the high-end Windows Phone 8X or the low-end Lumia 822. The ATIV S has specs similar to the Windows Phone 8X which could mean the Odyssey will follow suit. Samsung and Verizon will likely discuss the phone in more detail as the release draws closer. For now there’s very little information about this phone.