HTC and Verizon Announce DROID DNA Release Date & Price

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  1. tivo

    2020mah non-removable batt and only 11gb usable storage without xtra SIM.
    you’d have to wireless charge that thing constantly with the high powered screen.

    fail, fail, fail!

    • B.j. Fox

      Regardless of the size of the battery, the 12.5 hours talk time is still great when compared to iphone 5 having only 9. If you want a better battery Motorola has that department on lock down, but you wont get the usability of HTC. This thing has hardware unseen ever before too. I sell Cell phones for Verizon and I can not wait to see this in action!

  2. Adam

    Verizon’s per-order page says only 16GB of storage, not the 32GB listed in your post. If it came with 32GB, I would preorder it despite the small battery capacity.

  3. Gee

    I would it preorder if it came in 32gb

  4. healthlifestyleportal

    I love HTC & have had my last 2 phone from them on Sprint with the EVO 3D and WiMax gets 10-15 DL and 3-4 UL (great) but in Sept. as of now probably either the Samsung Note II of the Note III if the price is not on the moon. Give me screen size Micro SD and spare battery from one of the best and I am there. Even my EVO 3D has spec’s that are working really well for me now and the phone is like new still.

  5. logjim

    Why can’t I tether with European SIM? Currently I cannot use my European data on my PC in situations where wifi is not working.

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