HTC DROID DNA Hands-On Video

The HTC DROID DNA goes on sale on Verizon on November 21, but the companies showed off the phone at an event in New York today.


The big focus on the HTC DROID DNA is the 5-inch 1080p display, and rightfully so. The display is beautiful. Text is incredibly sharp, and photos look incredible on the 440 ppi display.

The HTC One X has arguably one of the best displays of any smartphone, and the DROID DNA’s screen looks even better.

HTC Droid DNA Hands-On Video

The video below runs down some of the many Droid DNA features and offers a closer look at the 5-inch smartphone.


HTC says that despite the 5-inch display the DROID DNA is still easy to hold and use with one hand. That seems true, though the HTC tethered the demo unitĀ to a stand so it was difficult to tell for sure. The screen certainly didn’t feel like it required two hands. Typing with one thumb was still relatively easy. Some may still want to use two thumbs, however.


If there’s any big problems with the hardware design of the DROID DNA it’s the buttons on the phone. HTC put the power buttonĀ in the middle of the top edge of the phone. Reach the button feels strange at first since most phones have their power buttons closer to a corner.


The HTC Droid DNA Arrives on November 21.

The volume buttons were also a bit difficult to get a feel for because they’re placed on the red strip on the right side of the phone. The placement makes it very difficult to just feel for the buttons. We had to search for a few seconds to find the buttons

Android 4.1 runs smoothly on the DROID DNA, though HTC and Verizon loaded the phone with a number of apps out of the box. The app drawer even has a separate section for Verizon apps that users can’t get rid of.


HTC Sense 4+ is very similar to the Sense 4 on other HTC Android devices, with very few obvious changes. Thankfully the skin doesn’t seem to slow down the DROID DNA at all. It’s a fairly heavy skin, but it doesn’t replace or get rid of any core Android functions like the improved notification tray in Android 4.1.