New And Improved Jawbone Up Now Available For $129

A new version of the Jawbone UP fitness accessory was announced today, almost a year after Jawbone pulled the first generation UP from the market due to quality control issues.


The original Up broke after just a short while for many users, but Jawbone promises the new version is much more durable as it explains in the video below.

The Jawbone Up is a mobile fitness tracker similar to the Nike+ FuelBand. Unlike the FuelBand, however, the Up has no display or Bluetooth. Users need to plug the device into their iPhone (and only iPhone for now) for the device to give any stats. The Jawbone Up app tracks much more than Nike’s, though.

The Jawbone Up will track the wearers movements, but can also track sleep as well as food and drink intake.



In sleep mode the Up will track how long the wearer sleeps, when they wake up, and their light and deep sleep cycles. The Up uses this data to help wake up users at the perfect time. Users set a time windows for when they want to wake up and the Up will vibrate to wake them at the best time in that window. Sleep mode can also help users take power naps by waking them at the perfect time after they fall asleep.

The food and drink tracker is entirely inside the Up app. The app has a large database where users can input the food they eat to track calories, carbs, sodium, fiber, and more. The app also has a barcode scanner to make inputting food easier. The idea is that with the app users can start eating more healthily by tracking what they already eat.Jawbone Up

Great features from the original Up are present in the new version. Those include an idle alarm which will remind users to get up and move after periods of inactivity, and mood tracking so users can see how their activity and eating habits impact their mood over time.

The new Jawbone Up is on sale now for $129.99. There’s no discount for people who bought the previous version because Jawbone already refunded the purchase price to early adopters.