Nokia Maps Coming To iPhone And Android As Here Maps

Today Nokia announced that it will bring its mapping service to the iPhone, Android, and Firefox OS under the name Here Maps.


The new Here Maps service is available online now at and the app will come to the iPhone first in the coming weeks. The app uses the same HTML5 code as the website so the features of the website will carry over to the app.

Here Maps offers functionality similar to the Nokia Maps app available for Lumia owners. Users can download sections of the world map to view when offline with up to four zoom levels. That app also has specific turn-by-turn walking directions that take into account shortcuts through public spaces or parks which other maps don’t usually include.

Here Maps on iPhone

Here Maps will also offer public transportation options for over 500 cities worldwide. The transportation options include both trains and buses in those cities.


One of the big features of Here Maps is its cloud service. With Here Maps users can create lists of favorite places and sync them to the website and mobile apps. That ways users can find their way to a specific restaurant or similar no matter where they are or what device that have handy.


Here Maps will come to the iOS App STore as a free app sometime in the near future. Until then iPhone users can access the service by visiting in Mobile Safari. The web app also works on Android and Windows Phone 8 devices.

Strangely Nokia made no announcement of bringing Here Maps to other Windows Phone 8 devices beyond the web app. For now the only option to get all of the Here features on Windows Phone is to buy one of the recent Nokia Lumia devices. So iPhone users will get more out of Here Maps than Windows Phone 8X users will.