Best Black Friday Apps for 2012

With the right Black Friday apps for iPhone and Android, you can outsmart the crowds, beat retailers at their own game and score the best Black Friday deals on everything from Apple gear to HDTVs and videos games.


Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, a day known for huge deals on items of all categories, but best known for deals on electronics like HDTVs, smartphones, tablets and computers. This isn’t just a day of deals on no-name products, but one of the best times to find deals on brands like Samsung, Apple and many others.

Best Black Friday Apps for 2012

On Black Friday retailers open early, sometimes even on Thanksgiving evening as shoppers line up overnight to save hundreds on electronics. With the best Black Friday apps for 2012, you can find the best deals, create shopping lists and plan for Black Friday shopping.

Black Friday Apps 2012 iPhone Android

The best Black Friday apps for 2012.


Black Friday Dealnews App

Dealnews brings all of their Black Friday ads and Black Friday deals to the iPhone and Android with the free Black Friday app. This app offers leaked Black Friday ads by store, and allows users to browse Black Friday deals by category.


Black Friday app ads and deals

The Dealnews Black Friday App offers Black Friday 2012 deals and ads.

Tapping on the arrow in category mode allows users to drill down deeper into a category, by finding Black Friday ebook reader deals or even further to find Black Friday iPhone deals and Black Friday Android phone deals.

The app shows users current deals available online and allows them to save items of interest to their list to compare prices and deals around Thanksgiving dinner.

Dealnews Black Friday iPhone – Black Friday Android

BfAds Black Friday App

The iPhone and Android apps offer access to the latest Black Friday ads and deals, including many online deals already available from Amazon and other online retailers.


black Friday ipad app offers a Black Friday iPad app to find deals.

Bfads offers a Black Friday iPad app, iPhone app and Android app. The Black Friday iPad app allows users to see ads on a bigger screen and is perfect for using at Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Users can sign up to sync their Black Friday shopping list to the web and to other devices.

Bfads Black Friday iPhone and iPad appBlack Friday Android App

Fat Wallet Black Friday App

Fat Wallet’s Black Friday iPhone and iPad app allows users to browse through Black Friday ads by store and by category, and also includes an advanced search function that makes it easier to track down deals that are available at specific stores, those with Free Shipping, and deals that are available only on Thanksgiving or black Friday.


Black friday apps

Fat Wallet’s Black Friday app is available on iPhone and iPad.

The app comes to the iPad this year, and includes options for saving favorites and viewing the latest Black Friday tips on the Fat Wallet Website.

Fat Wallet iPhone and iPad Black Friday App App

Like the rest of the Black Friday apps, Black’s app offers access to the latest Black Friday deals and ads, but it stands out with better categories.


Black Friday iPhone app’s iPhone and Android app offers fast access to Black Friday tablet deals.

The app is the only app that offers easy access to a list of all Black Friday tablet deals, with listings for Android tablets, the Kindle Fire HD deals and even iPad deals. The app found an iPad 2 for $399 (regular price) plus a $100 gift card at Meijer, a pretty good deal for users that score one of these doorbusters. Black Friday iPhone app – Black Friday Android App

Amazon App

Amazon offers Black Friday deals all week, but that’s not the only reason to download the Amazon app for Black Friday.

This is the fastest way to check prices on Black Friday deals and find reviews for products. Most Black Friday deal sites post all deals, and don’t say which are good or bad deals. And there are plenty of bad Black Friday deals.

Amazon Black Friday App

The Amazon app is an essential Black Friday app.

After finding Black Friday deals with the other apps, shoppers can look up the current Amazon price, if it’s within a few dollars the Black Friday deal isn’t a good deal. The app also shows some of the best collected product reviews for a wide array of items.

For HDTVs and notebooks, users may need to search just the first part of the item, as the last few numbers are often unique to the store.

While in stores, users can scan any last-minute deals they find to make sure it really is a deal, and not just a money-maker for the store.

Amazon iPhone app  – Android app