Camera+ Update Adds Front Flash and Horizon Line

Camera+, the popular iPhone and now iPad camera app received an update today that adds a few new features.


The update brings Camera+ for iPhone to version 3.6 and the iPad app to version 1.1. The update fixes a few bugs in the app and adds three new features. The big new features in Camera+ are Front Flash, Horizon Level, and Live Exposure.

Front Flash is perhaps the most simple of the new features. The feature flashes white on the screen when taking a photo with the front-facing camera to illuminate the area. It won’t help the front-facing camera take better photos, but it will at least help it take photos that aren’t completely black.

Camera+ 3.6

Camera+ Live Exposure

The second major feature, Horizon Level, will help users take straight photos. Horizon Line will show users the angle of the horizon in their photo so they know when the camera is at an angle. It’s an easy way to make sure photos are straight the first time.


While the first two new features are useful for almost everyone, the last is mostly for users who know a bit more about photography. Live Exposure shows exposure parameters like ISO and shutter speed on the main screen so users can adjust them on the fly. For many users the numbers won’t mean much, but others will appreciate the ability to change the ISO for their photo so easily.


These three new features are available for all Camera+ users, but there’s one more benefit for iPhone 5 users. Even with Live Exposure turned on the iPhone 5 shows the full frame of the photo. The app will always show exactly what the photo will look like on the iPhone 5, so there’s never any surprises.

The new update is free for all current Camera+ users. The app is available in the App Store for $0.99 on both iPhone and iPad.