Scosche Announces iPhone 5 Car Chargers & Lightning Cables

Today Scosche announced its first lineup of new Lightning cables including a number of iPhone 5 car chargers.


Just in time for the holidays Scosche has a total of six Lightning cables and accessories coming soon, each with Apple’s Made for iPhone or Made for iPad designation. The six accessories are part of Scocsche’s strikeDRIVE, strikeBASE, and strikeLINE lines and are all coming soon.

Every new Schosche accessory has a Lightning cable that doubles as a micro USB port. The Lightning connector fits on top of the micro USB port, so users can easily switch between Apple’s┬áproprietary┬áport and the standard port for most other devices.

iPhone 5 car charger scosche

New iPhone 5 car charger from Scosche.

The strikeDRIVE line includes three different iPhone 5 car chargers. The first option is the strikeDRIVE Pro 12W+12W which plugs into a car power outlet and gives the user two USB ports and one Lightning and micro USB cable to plug into the ports. The second option if the strikeDRIVE 12W+12W which has one USB port plus one hard-wired Lightning and microUSB cable. The final device, the strikeDRIVE 12W has just one hard-wired Lightning and USB cable.


The strikeBASE includes two new devices, each with a Lightning and micro USB cable. The first, the strikeBASE Pro plugs into a wall outlet and offers two USB ports for charging any device. The second, the strikeBASE plugs into a a wall but only offers the single hard-wired Lightning and micro USB cable.


Schosche Lightning cable

The final accessory is the strikeLINE Pro. The strikeLINE Pro is a retractable Lightning and micro USB cable that can plug into any USB port.

Scosche doesn’t have an estimated shipment date for the new accessories, but users can sign up on the company’s website to get an email when the are ready. The accessories start at $29.99 for the strikeLINE Pro which is a bit expensive, but only $10 more than Apple’s official Lightning cable.