Shine Fitness Tracker Is Small, Sexy and Syncs With Grace

A small company by the name of Misfit is looking to take on mobile fitness trackers like the FuelBand and FitBit with its new device called Shine.


The Misfit Shine is a small aluminum fitness tracker that can track activity in almost any case. Unlike most other fitness trackers the Shine has no screen, it only has a series of LEDs in a circle on one side. The circles tell users how close they are to their goal for the day. There is a way to get more detailed information, but it’s not through Bluetooth like most fitness trackers.

The Shine works in conjunction with Misfit’s iPhone app to show detailed information. To sync the Shine to the iPhone app users simply launch the app and place the Shine on top of their iPhone. The device will automatically sync with the iPhone without the need for paring the two devices or using battery by keeping Bluetooth on all day.


Shine doesn’t require charging, either. Like the FitBit Zip the Shine runs on a single watch battery that can keep a charge for up to six months at a time.


Misfit is hoping to fund the creation of the Shine through an IndieGoGo project. The first tier offers just the Shine and clip for $49 for early backers, and an additional $10 will get the Shine with a sports band. The team expects the Shine to ship by March 2013, though large projects like this usually face delays

Misfit Shine

After those tiers are gone the Shine will cost $79 for the tracker and sports band.

After the IndieGoGo project the Shine will cost $99 for just the fitness tracker and the sports band will cost $19.

The team hopes to raise $100,000 by December 16, and they already have more than $40,000 raised with 33 days left in the campaign.