Thieves Steal $1.5 Million of iPad minis From JFK Airport

A group of thieves stole 3,600 iPad minis from a recent shipment at JFK airport in New York according to the New York Post.


The thieves stole the iPads from a shipment that just arrived from China through a company called Cargo Airport Services. They arrived at Building 261 around 11 p.m. and loaded two pallets of iPad minis onto a tractor-trailer with the word “CEVA” on the side. The group left three other pallets of the 7.9-inch tablets for security to discover after their lunch break.

The team had to use forklifts to load up the two pallets worth about $1.5 million.

The thieves stole the iPad minis¬†from the same building used in the 1978 heist from the film “GoodFellas.”




There’s a possibility the thieves had help from inside the airport to steal the 3,600 iPad minis. The trailer pulled up on the side of building facing the street, which has less security. The thieves likely had help getting out of the area despite the lax security, however.

Investigators are in the process of questioning airport security in case it was an inside job. The team already gave three airport employees polygraph tests to check their stories.

Not all of the iPads stolen were¬†for New York stores. The shipment that just arrived from China was for distribution around the U.S. Now Apple has less iPad minis than it anticipated for its stores, or its partners’ stores until investigators can find those responsible for the incident.

Apple products are routinely stolen for their high value, though it’s not very often that thieves steal large shipments of the devices. Typically thieves try to steal individual devices from users in the street or subway. In New York City the NYPD is trying to cut down on stolen devices by registering devices to make them easier to track if stolen.