iPad mini Speed Test on Verizon 4G LTE

The iPad mini includes 4G LTE connectivity, like the iPhone 5 and larger iPad models, offering connectivity speeds 10 times faster than 3G and faster than many home connections.


The video below shows the iPad mini WiFi + Cellular with Verizon 4G LTE in Ohio. The speeds of 4G LTE vary based on network demands, location and signal strength, as shown in the speed test results below.

The iPad mini speed test shows the Speedtest.net app which measures the speed of uploads and downloads of data files as well as real world use such as downloading music files to show the real world benefits of 4G LTE speeds.

Users may want to pay the extra $129 for the 4G LTE for the iPad mini with 4G LTE because it is smaller and more likely to be used outside the home than the full size iPad 4th generation. The iPad mini can also act as a personal hotspot, allowing users to connect a laptop or other WiFi device to the Internet at speeds faster than a home WiFi network.


During the Speedtest.net app usage, the iPad mini achieved speeds similar to the iPhone 5 4G LTE speed tests performed in September. The speeds varied greatly during testing in multiple locations, as shown below.


iPad mini Speed test 4g lTe

iPad mini 4G LTE speed tests on Verizon.

  • 6.76 Mbps down and 4.35 Mbps down
  • 10.08 Mbps down and 5.59 Mbps down
  • 9.83 Mbps down and 4.92 Mbps down
  • 9.97 Mbps down and 7.17 Mbps down
  • 1.51 Mbps down and 0.44 Mbps down
  • 7.26 Mbps down and 0.78 Mbps down

All tests ocourredĀ indoors, with the first four tests in very good 4G LTE coverage and the last two in an area with lower coverage.

The iPad mini speed test on Verizon Wireless 4G LTE the iPad mini was able to download a full album from iTunes very swiftly.

While testing download speeds the iPad mini was able to download an 8 MB song in about 7 seconds, and an 11 MB file in about 6 seconds, showing the speed and practical application.


The iPad mini with LTE arrives in stores today, though stock is limited and Apple Stores may offer the best opportunity to find the 4G LTE model of the tablet. The iPhone 5 carrier comparison should help shoppers compare coverage of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.