OS X 10.9 Could Include Siri and Apple Maps

Early builds of OS X 10.9 include versions of Siri and Apple Maps for the Mac according to a 9To5Mac report.


According to the report Apple is currently testing Siri in the next iteration of its Mac OS. If the feature passes testing it will likely make the cut for OS X 10.9 and all Mac users will get a chance to use it.

Apple currently includes Siri in only its newest iOS devices, and could potentially restrict Siri to certain models of the Mac. Apple lets every Mac user with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion use Dictation, which uses much of the same technology as Siri.


The second iOS feature to make it into OS X 10.9 is the much maligned Apple Maps. Apple plans to bring a framework of Maps to OS X so developers can incorporate it in their Mac apps. The MapKit framework would work just like it does on iOS, and will make it easier for Mac apps to show locations.


There’s a chance that Apple could decide to include Maps as a standalone app as well. Apple hasn’t included a Maps app in any previous iteration of OS X, but it hasn’t had a Maps service of its own until now.


Apple reportedly started work on OS X 10.9 at the same time as OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. The company allegedly split iOS feature among the two iterations of OS X, with features like Notification Center, AirPlay, Notes, Reminders, and iCloud syncing coming to the Mac in Mountain Lion. Apple saved other features for OS X 10.9.

If Apple follows the same pattern it did with Mountain Lion, the company will first debut OS X 10.9 in February with a July release through the Mac App Store. The new OS X will probably coincide with new Macs as well, though it seems unlikely that Apple would release convertibles or laptops with touchscreens like many Windows 8 OEMs have recently.