5 Best Tinder Tips & Tricks


*+-The dating scene is different in the 21st century, and Tinder has made it easier than ever to find a date for the evening. Here are the # best Tinder tips and tricks. Before dating website and dating apps, you kind of just had to try your luck within your circle of friends and network […]

Tornado Warning: 5 Apps to Keep You Safe


*+-When it comes to the weather, tornadoes can be the most dangerous form of severe weather for many people, depending on where you live. Here are five apps that focus on tornado safety. When a tornado warning is issued for your area, it’s a good idea to be prepared and take cover when you need […]

How to Watch MLB Spring Training Games Live


*+-It’s only spring training, but if you’re interested in watching the pre-season games, here’s how to watch some MLB spring training game on your computer or mobile device. It seemed like only yesterday when the MLB season came to a close back in October, but it’s starting up once again, with pre-season spring training games […]

How to Watch the Grammy Awards Live


*+-The Grammy Awards take place later tonight, and if you want to catch all of the action while on the go, here’s how you can stream the Grammy Awards live on your iPhone or other mobile device. The Grammy Award is one of the highest honors that a music artist can receive, and this year […]

Best Fantasy Football Apps for Android


*+-With the 2014-15 NFL seasons right around the corner and preseason now in full stride, fantasy football fans are likely gearing up for another hard-fought year. Fantasy football in some ways is more important to many casual fans than the actual game, and you’ll want to be as prepared as possible to win your league […]

7 Best Shark Week Apps for Fans


*+-The Discovery channel is back on the attack with Shark Week 2014. An entire week of Jaws-filled fun and shark news to keep us all entertained and sitting in front of our TVs being reminded of what lies underneath the calm ocean surface. If you’re like many of us and can’t get enough of Shark […]

Google Opts for Honesty on Free Apps

Galaxy S5 Review - 6

*+-Google is doing owners and parents of kids with Android-based smartphones and tablets a huge favor. Starting soon the company won’t call free apps with in-app purchases sold through its Google Play Store free apps. Google has yet to make an official statement through the Android Blog that it usually makes these types of announcements through. […]

Free iPhone Apps Might Be Riskier Than Android Counterparts

Phone Security

*+-According to a newly released study on application security, free iPhone apps are more likely to access your personal information. This information comes by way of a report by research firm Appthority, which attempts to give a comprehensive look at real world scenarios that could compromise computer networks in the workplace. Their App Reputation Report found that after […]

Top Nexus 4 Apps and Widgets

Best Nexus 4 Apps and Widgets - GAMES

*+-The Nexus 4 is one of the best Android phones available, thanks in part to the great selection of apps and widgets. These Nexus 4 apps are some of the best available, earning a place on my home screen and helping the Nexus 4 earn a spot next the iPhone 5 in my daily use. […]

Simple Brings Its Banking App To Android


*+-Simple, the startup that hopes to replace a traditional bank, today announced that it finally has a native Android app for its users. For those who haven’t heard of Simple, the company hopes to replace the traditional bank by giving users everything they’d need from a bank online. The company’s apps can track expenses and […]

Noodlecake Games Wants To Bring One iOS Game To Android Every Week

Noodlecake Studios

*+-Noodlecake Games, the publisher born out of Noodlecake Studios, has created software that will easily port any iOS game to Android, and it wants to use it to bring one iOS game to Android every week. Noodlecake Games announced its plans in a blog post in which the publisher announced that starting on May 10 it will […]

Best Cheap Gas Finder App For Android


*+-It looks like the high cost of gas isn’t going down anytime soon, even if we increase domestic drilling as certain candidates for the presidency suggest. The best way to avoid paying too much at the pump is to keep on top of the cheapest gas prices in your area. Luckily you can do so right from your Android smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review: Using The Tablet With Your TV

Using the Galaxy Tab 2 With Your TV

*+-According to research cited by Samsung, over 80% of tablet owners use the device while sitting in front of the TV. Because of this, Samsung included an IR blaster on the Galaxy Tab 2 along with the Peel Smart Remote app. The idea is to make the Tab 2 the center of your home media setup, thus making it the center of your world.

15 Best Android Games

World Of Goo

*+-There are thousands of games in Google’s aptly named Play Store. However, don’t be taken in by knock-offs or boring games. These 15 games are favorites here at GBM. They range from deceptively simple casual games, physic-based puzzlers, games you can play with friends, and several safe for kids and adults.

Keep Your Angry Birds Levels On Android Even If You Switch Devices

Angry Birds- Backup icon

*+-With several super sweet Android smartphones and tablets just out or on the horizon many of you will upgrade your device in the near future. One of the downsides to doing this is that you have to start from scratch with some apps, notably games like Angry Birds. If you haven’t completed the game yet, […]

Best Camera Apps To Use With Instagram

HDR Camera

*+-Though apps like Instagram can make mediocre photos look interesting and smooth the rough edges off of flaws with filters, the best images come when you start with a better picture. Even if you don’t have the world’s best 8MP camera or a huge sensor, you can still improve your phone’s shots by using a better camera app.

5 Things I Hate About Android


*+-For everything Android does right, there are some things the platform can’t get right to save it’s life. I’ve been an Android user for years, and I still carry an Android device with me almost every day. After spending 6 months using both an iPhone and an Android smartphone I’ve settled on 5 things I […]

SoftMaker Office Mobile 2012 for Android Now In Public Beta

TextMaker Reviewing, Track Changes, and Comments Toolbar

*+-A few months ago I wrote about the SoftMaker’s Office Suite for Android and how the document-editing app, TextMaker, provided a feature missing from every other Office suite for Android and iPad: true Track Changes functionality. While most people hope that Microsoft Office for iPad will solve this problem on iOS, SoftMaker has so far […]

iPhone and iPad Apps We Want On Android Smartphones and Tablets

*+-We don’t need every app in the iTunes App Store to make the hop over to the Google Play Store, but there are a few that droid users clamor for more than most. Some we’re going to get in the near future, but others are still stubbornly sticking to iOS. Make some noise for your favorites in the comments.