iPhone 5 Coming with Redesign in Fall 2012?

iPhone 4S

Apple released the iPhone 4S back in October of this year and already there is talk about the next device. And while there have been reports already alluding to some possible features on the next iPhone, BGR has chimed in with a couple of new items today saying that the next iPhone will, in fact, […]

5 Smartphones to Look Out for in 2012

HTC Edge

Maybe you didn’t get a new smartphone this holiday season. Maybe you weren’t sold on the devices that  carriers and manufacturers came out with in the latter half of 2011, devices like the iPhone 4S from Apple or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon. Maybe you are already looking to the horizon, thinking about what 2012 […]

Why I Am Passing on the iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

In the weeks building up the the launch of the new iPhone, I, like many of you, was excited to see Apple had cooked up for a market that has been flooded with a multitude of intriguing devices. You see, I have an iPhone 3GS. I’ve had it for two years and my contract with […]

Why Pre-ordering an iPhone 4S With a Credit Card is Best


If you want the new iPhone (whether it turns out to be an iPhone 4s or 5) and want to protect your investment, be sure to pre-order with your credit card. Card companies often offer extra warranty coverage and help protect you if you damage it, get a faulty phone or if something goes wrong […]

iPhone 4S Appears on Apple’s Website, Release Date Confirmed?


Just ahead of Apple’s “talk iPhone” event at its Cupertino headquarters, MacRumors is reporting that a device called the iPhone 4S has shown up in an official capacity on Apple’s Japanese website flaunting an iPhone 4 style device and seemingly confirming that October 14th launch date that we have heard about several times in the […]

Apple Store Down, iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Start Today?

Apple Store Down

Well, well, well, would you look at that? Apple’s online store has gone down ahead of its highly anticipated ‘talk iPhone’ event at its Cupertino campus. What does this mean though? It could just be some sort of diversion but it could also mean that Apple is going to start taking pre-orders for a new […]

Five Intriguing iPhone 5 Event Rumors

Facebook iPad App

Today is the big day, one that Apple fans and one that those disenchanted with other operating systems and hardware have been waiting for since Apple failed to announce a new iPhone at WWDC 2011. Today of course is the day that Apple is going to ‘talk iPhone‘ at its campus in Cupertino, revealing what […]

iPhone 4S Pricing and Release Date Revealed?

iPhone 4S?

Talk about a last minute rumor. Less than 24 hours before Apple is expected to announce the next-generation iPhone, 9to5Mac has unleashed a couple of interesting tidbits that might end up being the official release date and pricing of the iPhone 4S, a device that might be the device known as the iPhone 5. Update: iPhone […]

Sprint Bets Big on iPhone: Rumor Roundup


Ever since the the Wall Street Journal broke the news about Sprint possibly finally getting a piece of the iPhone action, evidence backing up the report has started leaking to the surface almost on a daily basis. We’ve seen a number of policy changes that Sprint has presumably undertaken in order to take on the […]

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S: What to Expect

iPhone 4

Tomorrow is a big day for Apple and quite frankly, it’s a big day for the world as well. Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook is expected to take the stage and introduce a new iPhone. Thing is, we are still unsure what device or devices he is going to be announcing. There have been murmurings […]

Apple Won’t Stream Tomorrow’s iPhone 5 Event

Apple iPhone Event

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple PR has confirmed that it has no plans to live stream tomorrow’s ‘Talk iPhone’ event which means that those of you that were looking forward to tapping into an official feed to follow along with the announcements will have to find some place else to do so. Last […]

iPhone 4S Rumors Get Boost From Germany’s Vodafone Website

vodafone iphone

The sharp eyes over at Phone-Ticker.de spotted something interesting on the German Vodaphone website: listings for cases to cover three iPhone 4S models with 16, 32, and 64GB sizes and an iPhone 4 8GB model. No, not actual listings for the phones, just listings for bumper cases to fit them. It lends to rumors that […]

Sprint Ending One Year Contracts Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch


Just in case you have been out of the loop, Sprint is heavily rumored to be getting the iPhone alongside AT&T and Verizon. Sprint and Sprint customers have been waiting for years for the iPhone to arrive but it would appear that the carrier is having to make some serious concessions in order to carry […]

Apple Inventory Outs iPhone 4S as the iPhone 5?

iPhone 5

Yesterday, we saw a new iPhone 4 and a new iPod touch show up in Apple’s inventory system suggesting that Apple might be preparing to announce a cheaper iPhone 4 model alongside a new iPhone at its October 4th iPhone event. And while that’s exciting, what we really wanted to see show up was the […]

iPhone 5 4G HSPA+ Support Confirmed by China Telecom?

iPhone 5

We are fairly certain that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 will not include 4G LTE support. There are just too many reasons why Apple would want to opt to wait until next year to release an iPhone with that kind of support. However, there is another 4G option in the form of HSPA+ (21mpbs), and it […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 Event: What You Should Expect

Apple event

After months of speculation, Apple announced that it will be talking about the iPhone at an event on its Cupertino campus on October 4th. Needless to say, all eyes will be on the event. For many reasons. One, this will be the first major Apple event Tim Cook presides over as company CEO. Two, with […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Pegged for October 14th

iPhone 5 Release Date Pegged as October 14th

We now know that Apple is planning on talking iPhone in just a few short days at an event on October 4th which means that we should see an official release date for the iPhone 5/iPhone 4S on that date. Until then though, we’re left to whispers and those whispers, from Macotakara are pointing to […]

What Apple Needs to Lure Me Back to an iPhone


As a long time iPhone user, I jumped ship to Android. I see a stagnating platform in iOS versus Android’s faster development of key features. I’m not a particularly platform loyal person. I’ve owned Palm, Windows Mobile, iPhone and now Android. In each case I jumped to the next platform because I saw the move […]

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup: Latest on Hardware, Release Date, Carriers


The Motorola Droid Bionic for Verizon finally launched back at the end of September and since then, we’ve seen a swath of rumors surface regarding the next big anticipated smartphone release. That release of course is Apple’s iPhone 5, possibly paired with another cheaper iPhone, and right now we sit just mere days out from […]