How to Get the Nexus 7 3G Android 4.2.2 Update Right Now


Yesterday, Google started rolling out the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update to the Nexus 10, GSM Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7. Nexus 7 owners in particular have been looking forward to the update and unfortunately, many are still without it as it is rolling out Over-the-Air. Yesterday, we showed Nexus 7 Wi-Fi owners how […]

How to Get the Nexus 7 Android 4.2.2 Update Right Now


Early this morning, Google started pushing the long-awaited Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update to owners of the GSM Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 10 and the Nexus 7 tablet. The updates are rolling out Over-the-Air (OTA) but for those Nexus 7 owners that wish to get the update right now, that option is available to those that […]

Nexus 7 Issue Renders It Useless, But There’s a Fix


As a Nexus 7 owner, I’ve been dealing with a few issues since receiving the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update, namely, a slow-charging Nexus 7 that takes what seems like forever to load. However, that issue didn’t prepare me for the trouble that I ran into earlier today with my Nexus 7 wherein an issue […]

Asus Confirms Existence of The MeMO Pad

Asus MeMO Pad

Asus now has a website up for the MeMO Pad detailing the specs of the 7-inch tablet, but not mentioning a release date or price. The Asus MeMO Pad will use a 7-inch display with a 1024×600 resolution, giving it a much lower pixel density than the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD which both use […]

Asus, Google Reportedly Working On Nexus 7 Successor


Asus and Google are allegedly working on a successor to the Nexus 7 that includes a 1080p display, according to DigiTimes. According to the Taiwanese publication the next Nexus 7 will sell for the same price as the current version, with models at $199 and $249. The new tablet will allegedly have a 1080p display […]

Asus MeMO Pad 10 Shown Off On Video

Asus MeMO Pad 10

The rumored Asus MeMO Pad 10 is real, and a new video from Mobilarena shows the unboxing of the tablet as well as the device running a few apps. The Asus MeMO Pad 10 shown in the video looks like a generic Asus Android tablet. From the front it could be one of any number of […]

6 Exciting Android Tablets for 2013


Last year, we saw a host of exciting Android tablets emerge from the shadows, a lineup that included the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, the Asus Transformer Pad series and more. We are expecting more of the same from Android in 2013 as manufacturers try and wrestle away the iPad’s stranglehold over the tablet market. Here, […]

Asus MeMO Pad 10 Details and Specs Leaked


A new leak from Tablets Magazine details the specs on the upcoming Asus MeMO Pad 10 tablet. The Asus MeMO Pad 10 is the larger version of the Eee Pad MeMO that Asus and NVIDIA discussed at CES 2013. While the Pad 10 is larger than the 7-inch tablet, it has some fairly similar specs […]

Nexus 7 Dock Release Date and Price Revealed


The long-awaited official Nexus 7 dock, which has seen several release dates pushed back over the course of the past few weeks, will finally be coming to shelves at some point this month with a $39.99 price. For weeks now, Nexus 7 owners have been dealing with delayed release dates for the highly anticipated Nexus […]

Asus Transformer P1801: Both Desktop & Tablet, Windows 8 and Android


At CES Asus unveiled a new 18.5-inch all-in-one desktop that runs both Windows 8 and Android, according to Pocket Lint. Like other recent all-in-ones from companies like Lenovo and Sony, the new Asus Transformer All-In-One P1801 has a battery that lets users disconnect the giant screen and carry it around as a tablet. Unlike the […]

Nexus 7 Dock Release Date Remains Unclear


The Nexus 7 dock accessory from Asus, which has made an official appearance at CES 2013 in Las Vegas and has seen its estimated release date vanish at one retailer, still is without any type of release date leaving Nexus 7 owners wondering when the highly anticipated accessory might land. Read: Nexus 7 Dock Release […]

Nexus 7 Dock Release Date Pushed Again


The Nexus 7 dock release date, which just a day ago was thought to be between January 6th and January 10th, has now slipped to January 16th at at least one third-party retailer leaving potential buyers wondering when the postponements will stop. Earlier this week, B&H Photo, one of the few retailers that currently has […]

How to Set Up Your Nexus 7


If you got a new 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet for the holidays, you’re in for a treat as you now are in possession of an extremely useful tool for things like reading, gaming and video watching. If you don’t know what to do after you get the Nexus 7 out of the box, we’re here […]

Rumored $99 Asus Tablet Images Leak


New photos of the claimed Asus ME172V, the rumored inexpensive Android tablet, are now online thanks to a leak from Notebook Italia. The leaked photos show a 7-inch tablet which looks a lot like the Nexus 7. The back of the tablet appears to have the same texture as the Nexus 7, and the front […]

Nexus 7 Dock Pre-Order Already Sold Out


Last night, it became apparent that retailer B&H put the highly anticipated Nexus 7 dock up for pre-order through its website. However, the Add to Cart button is now missing and has been replaced with a Notify When in Stock tag which means that those who weren’t quick to pull the trigger are now going […]

Nexus 7 Dock Coming This Month

Nexus 7 dock

Sometime in December Asus will release its new Nexus 7 dock according to a SlashGear report. The new Nexus 7 dock will charge the Nexus 7 via the dock’s microUSB port as well as provide audio out for the device. The Nexus 7 sits in the dock in landscape mode, and charge the device through […]

Ultrabook Convertible: 10 Transforming Laptops with Intel Inside

Video thumbnail for youtube video Windows 8 Ultrabook Convertibles Roundup

The new touch-friendly Windows 8 makes it possible for manufacturers to introduce new form factors and designs for notebooks and tablets, most of which fall into the Ultrabook Convertible category. Some Windows 8 notebooks feature touchscreens, but look just like a regular notebook, but others are bringing out new form factors that function as tablets and […]

Ultrabook: 7 Windows 8 Touchscreen Notebooks

Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook with Touch

Touch is a big part of windows 8, and the following Ultrabooks with touch allow users to get the full Windows 8 experience without the premium price tag of an Ultrabook Convertible. An Ultrabook with a touch screen cannot turn into a tablet like an Ultrabook Convertible, but it does allow user to reach up to a touch […]

Nexus 7 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Update Coming Soon


Asus, the company that makes the Nexus 7, has revealed that the Nexus 7 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update will be hitting its 7-inch tablet at some point in the near future. In a post on its CampusLife website, the company confirmed that the Nexus 7 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update would be arriving soon […]

Why You Should Wait to Buy the Nexus 7


If you’re thinking about purchasing a Nexus 7 this month, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift for a holiday, stop what you’re doing and put that credit card back into your wallet. because buying a Nexus 7 right this moment would be a grave error. Here’s why. While the Nexus 7 has its […]