Best Buy Taking iPad mini WiFi + LTE Reservations

best buy preorder

Best Buy will now take a $50 down payment towards the iPad mini WiFi + LTE so that buyers can reserve the new tablet and get one when they get restocked. Local Best Buy stores might still carry a few of the first round of iPad mini in the Wi-Fi only version, but the stores didn’t […]

Best Buy Reveals Verizon Windows Phone 8X Price


Best Buy has a product page up for the Windows Phone 8X by HTC on Verizon with a price tag of $199.99 according to WPCentral. The product page only offers the Windows Phone 8X in blue despite the plethora of colors HTC showed when it launched the phone in September. The Verizon model will have […]

Apple Releases iPad mini, Could See 1.5 Million Sales This Weekend


Today Apple’s new iPad mini goes on sale in the U.S. and several other countries, but this release could be a relatively small one for Apple. At Apple stores in cities like San Francisco and even post-Hurricane Sandy New York City there are long lines to buy the new 7.9-inch tablet. That’s typical for the […]

Where to Buy the iPad mini


Earlier this month, Apple announced its new 7.9-inch iPad mini which will be joining the iPad fourth-generation on shelves this holiday season. Like many iOS-powered products, the iPad mini sold out of pre-orders rather quickly ahead of its release date of November 2nd. Those that didn’t put in a pre-order, and want it on release […]

Best Buy’s Self-Branded Android Tablet To Retail For Under $300


In a report on Reuters, U.S. electronics big box retailer Best Buy may be looking at pricing its own self-branded Insignia Flex Android tablet between $239 and $259, placing it in the middle of $199 Google’s Nexus 7 and Apple’s iPad 2, which retails at $399. Best Buy’s Insignia Flex will debut in a time […]

Windows Phone 8X Pre-orders Start October 21 at Best Buy

Best Buy ad Windows Phone 8X

Best Buy will begin selling pre-orders for the Windows Phone 8X by HTC this weekend according to a WPCentral report. According to the report an image from Best Buy’s flier for the week of October 21-27 reveals the pre-order date. The image shows a picture of the Windows Phone 8X along with a statement that […]

Best Buy Will Price Match Online Prices This Holiday

Best Buy

In an effort to bring in more sales this holiday Best Buy will match prices from online competitors like Amazon and NewEgg according to a Wall Street Journal report. Best Buy will also offer free home delivery for items not in stock at stores this holiday to help prevent “showrooming” in stores. Showrooming is when […]

Best Buy iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Trickle In, Check Your Email

Best Buy iPhone 5 pre-order

Best Buy is finally delivering iPhone 5 pre-orders to many of the users who handed over $50 a week before the iPhone 5 launch. The iPhone 5 pre-order process at Best Buy was less than stellar, with pre-orders pushed back up to 28 days, and the notification wasn’t much better. Despite assurances from Best Buy […]

Find an iPhone 5 in Stock at a Local Store with Milo

Find iPhone 5 in stock local store

The iPhone 5 sold out at many retailers over the weekend, thanks to more than 5 million sales, but there are still many stores with the iPhone 5 in stock, ready to buy without a wait in line. Instead of calling every local store five times a day, we suggest using to check local […]

Best Buy iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Could Take 28 Days


Best Buy is telling some customers that it won’t be able to fulfill their iPhone 5 pre-order on release day and that it could take up to 28 days before the retailer is able to get pre-orderers the iPhone 5 model they ordered. In an email, the retailer is telling customers who pre-ordered the iPhone […]

Where to Buy an iPhone 5 on Its Release Date


On Friday, September 21st, Apple will release its new iPhone, the iPhone 5. Those who pre-ordered early enough will receive the device on their doorsteps while those who didn’t place an order early, but still want an iPhone 5 on release day, will have to brave the lines, elements and uncertainty of physical retail stores […]

Best Buy iPhone 5 Pre-Order Isn’t Worth It

Best Buy iPhone 5 pre-order

Best Buy offers an iPhone 5 pre-order in stores for users that didn’t want to pre-order the iPhone 5 online. I went in to my local Best Buy today to pre-order an iPhone 5 on Verizon. I want to pick one up as soon as stores open on Friday so that I can share my […]

Where The iPhone 5 Pre-Order is Still Available For Release Date Delivery

Verizon iPhone 5 pre-orders

Early this morning Apple and its carrier partners started taking pre-orders for the new iPhone 5 which ships on September 21. Shortly after pre-orders started Apple’s website slipped from release date delivery to “ships in two weeks.” Other stores still have stock available for release date delivery. As of this writing all of Apple’s carrier partners […]

Where to Pre-order the iPhone 5


Yesterday, Apple finally announced the new iPhone 5, a device that blends fast data speeds with a larger retina display. And tonight, the iPhone 5 pre-order period will begin with Apple, the iPhone 5’s carriers and at least one third-party retailer taking early orders for the new device. Here is everything you need to know […]

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Price Slashed Again

The Galaxy Nexus is free at Best Buy.

The price of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus has been slashed at Best Buy for a limited time. The deal, first discovered by PhoneArena, has the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon’s 4G LTE network available for absolutely nothing on-contract. Best Buy will apparently be offering this deal through August 25th though it’s possible that it might […]

iPhone 4 Price Slashed at Best Buy

The iPhone 4 price has dropped at Best Buy.

Ahead of the iPhone 5 release date, Best Buy has seen it fit to drop the cost of the iPhone 4 down to a much more affordable on-contract price. Today, Best Buy slashed the price of the iPhone 4 down to $49.99 on-contract. That is a fantastic deal for those that don’t want to shell […]

Motorola Atrix HD Price Drops Already

The Atrix HD price has already dropped.

The price of the Motorola Atrix HD has already been slashed at one retailer, just a day after the device officially launched on AT&T’s 4G LTE network. Unwired View has discovered that Best Buy currently has the Motorola Atrix HD available for $49.99 with the signing of a new two-year contract. That’s a $50 discount […]

Where To Buy The Google Nexus 7

Nexus 7 pre-orders have started shipping from Google.

The Google Nexus 7 is finally shipping to those who pre-ordered the device. It’s hard to get ahold of one now without a pre-order, but there’s a number of stores out there selling the device, and hopefully one of them will have more tablets to sell. The first, and most obvious place to buy the […]