Violent Cell Phone Thefts On the Rise in U.S.

Map of violent cell phone thefts in San Francisco

Smartphone owners should be more wary of their surroundings, especially in major metropolitan areas as cell phone and smartphone thefts are on the rise. But it’s not just cell phone thefts that concerns us, it’s that these thefts are sometimes violent and may come with violent threats. IDG News Service reported that in San Francisco, […]

Cell Phone Darwin Awards 2012

Burnt phone darwin awards

It’s easy to break a cell phone, but destroying a smartphone in a spectacular fashion takes skill. Taking a page from the Darwin Awards, given to humans that meet their ends in incredibly stupid and spectacular ways, gadget warranty company SquareTrade presents the Cell Phone Darwin Awards. (Read: iPhone 4S Warranty and Insurance Options)  Not everyone needs a warranty, but […]

3 Steps to a Cheaper Cell Phone Bill

clean up cell phone plan

Every few months I suggest taking the time to check your cell phone plan to make sure it fits your needs. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile lock users into two-year contracts, but that doesn’t mean the monthly bill is locked. Users can change most plan options, features and add-ons without extending the contract. Saving just $10 a month on a […]

U.S. Continues to Allow Hands-Free Phone Usage in Cars


Despite recommendations by the National Transportation Safety Board to ban hands-free gadget usage in automobiles in the U.S., the Department of Transportation says that it will continue to allow for hands-free use. In the most recent years, a number of states have shifted policy that bans phones from being used for calls or texting unless […]

New MVNO Ting Promises Low Rates, iPhone in Future


File sharing site Tucows is planning to launch its own mobile virtual cellular network called Ting, which will piggyback on Sprint’s network. Ting plans to offer tiered voice, messaging, and data without contracts nor overages. The way the system works is that if a customer uses more voice or data than their plan allocates for, […]

Two U.S. Malls Now Tracking Shoppers Through Their Cell Phones


Two malls in the U.S., both operated by Forest City Commercial Management, have begun to track customers inside shops and stores effective Black Friday. The way the tracking works is through antennas placed around the mall where shoppers’ cell phones are then triangulated, providing retailers with anonymous geographic data. Tracking systems are already being implemented […]

Malls Plan to Track Black Friday Shoppers Via Cell Phones

Black Friday Mall Cell Phone Tracking

As you head to the mall on Black Friday, you may be surprised to see signs that the mall is tracking your movements throughout the stores. Malls in California and Virginia have posted signs throughout the mall, warning shoppers that their movements throughout the mall will be tracked on Black Friday. The two malls will […]

Bill Shock to be Avoided As Wireless Carriers Hope to Be More Transparent

Image via Ars Technica

In a bid to fend off legislation to regulate the wireless industry, the industry, represented by CTIA, is now self-imposing measures that would mitigate bill shock through overages and roaming charges. The CTIA and its partner carriers, which includes the four national carriers such as Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, will now send out alerts […]

TAGG the Pet Tracker Gives Your Dog Text, Email and GPS

Tagg pet tracker Cell phone

If you want to know where your dog is, get text alerts when he roams far from home and just have peace of mind that your dog is where he is supposed to be, you should check out TAGG the Pet Tracker. Qualcomm has built a small cell phone that snaps on to your dog’s […]

Welcome to the Wireless Free Zone in Green Bank, WV

Radio Quiet Zone

If you travel through the Allegheny mountains into West Virginia, you may find your cell phone signal start to fade, and a noticeable lack of free WiFi hotspots. You’re not about to star in a Deliverance 2, but if you see a sign welcoming you to Green Bank West Virginia, you are in the middle of the Radio Quiet Zone. This […]

Kevin’s Next Phone: iPhone 5 for My Wife

Possible iPhone 5 Mockup

In the spring I added a second phone to my mobile arsenal, the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon. When my son broke his iPhone 3GS I took the opportunity to hand down my iPhone 4 to him and replace it with the Samsung Infuse 4G. Unless the iPhone 5 or some other Android phone shows up […]

A Look at Shenzhen’s Cell “Phonie” Industry

On top of housing Foxconn’s manufacturing facility and pushing an occasional iPhone 5 rumor, Shenzhen has developed a reputation as the world’s center for fake phones. A bustling economy has developed in the Chinese city from imitators selling cheap replicas of popular cell phones. Though many of the phones attempt to mimic specific devices (such as the iPhone […]

Verizon Discounting Full Retail Prices of Android Smartphones


For the commitment-phobe smartphone buyer who’s reluctant to sign a two-year service agreement, Verizon Wireless is now discounting the full contract-free retail price of some of its most popular smartphones. The carrier is saying that the discounts may be temporary as it adjusts “pricing from time to time to address current market dynamics and to […]