Belkin WeMo Makes Home Automation Awesomely Easy (Best of CES 2012)

Belkin Best of WeMo

Home Automation has been a confusing cluster of incompatible systems and professional solutions, but Belkin has set out to change that with a new system for controlling your lights, electronics and even your front door lock. The Belkin WeMo system is home automation that you and I, and even my grandma, can aset up. You […]

Fujitsu Arrows Waterproof Android Tablet Hands-On


The Fujitsu Arrows Waterproof Android Tablet has one primary differentiator – you can dunk it in your pool and it won’t fritz out! The folks at the Fujitsu booth demoed this by submerging the tablet in a bowl of water and it kept running. You won’t go deep-sea diving or to the bottom for the […]

ION Audio Guitar Apprentice Turns iPad Into Usable Guitar


ION Audio, makers of interesting iPad accessories like the iCade gaming joystick dock, announced the Guitar Apprentice, a new attachment for your iPad that turns it into a useable guitar. Along with a forthcoming app, Guitar Apprentice will let you play the guitar and even give you lessons. Combined with other apps or games, it […]

What’s So Ultra about Ultrabooks?


As I’m watching the Year of the Ultrabook happen at CES 2012 I’m also watching what appears to be a re-trenching year in the mobile tech sector. Sure we’ve seen Tablets, we’ve seen lots of Ultrabooks, we’ve seen phones, and lots of talk about LTE and 4G. But, frankly, with a few exceptions, I think […]

CES 2012: Smartphones & Hotspots Announced This Week in Las Vegas

Samsung Galaxy Note

The various manufacturers of smartphones and wireless carriers pulled back the veils on their new phones coming out this year. Our team went hands-on with many of them at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. Below, you will find pictures and a bunch of links to hands-on videos of devices running Windows Phone 7, Android and […]

Sony $149 Xperia Smartwatch Misses The Mark — Hands-On, Video

Sony Xperia Smartwatch

The first time I walked through Sony’s massive CES booth I almost missed the Xperia Smartwatch. Shoved in between the new Xperia Ion smartphones this little gadget is a hidden gem. When I first played with it I fell a bit in love. But after spending more hands-on time with it I’m ready to declare […]

Next iPad Spotted at CES 2012?

iPad 2 3G

Apple hasn’t announced a new iPad yet, but already a rumor circulated at CES 2012 that people have seen it. Jeremy Horowitz of iLounge claims to have seen what he called “the next-generation iPad” at CES. He doesn’t have tangible proof, like a picture, because he said the new iPad looks exactly like the iPad […]

Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen Hands-On (Video)

Galaxy Note S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note is an unusual phone in many respects, though I’ve noticed most people focus more on the size. As a fan of big phones that’s not what interests me most. It’s the S Pen that I’m intrigued by. Unlike the digitized pen for the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet, the S Pen doesn’t have […]

Motorola, Intel to Release Multiple Medfield-Powered Mobile Devices


Intel promised us that it would be making a big splash with some consumer-ready devices in 2012 that utilizes the Atom-based Medfield architecture, and sure enough the company is making good on its promise. On stage at the chip-maker’s keynote, Intel announced a partnership with Motorola to release multiple devices starting the second half of […]

CES 2012: Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE Hands-On (Video)


At CES 2012, Sprint had announced the Galaxy Nexus, a 4G LTE phone, as part of its Network Vision strategy. Though Sprint had allowed us to see the Galaxy Nexus in person, the device was well-guarded and Now Network did not allow us to film or capture many images of the device as the hardware […]

T-Mobile Expands Its 4G HSPA+ 42 Network to 12 New Markets

T-Mobile HSPA+

Along with the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G unveiling at CES 2012 today, T-Mobile also announced that its 4G HSPA+ 42 network has expanded to 12 more markets in the United States while expanding its HSPA+ 21 network in nine others. This means that T-Mobile’s high speed HSPA+ 42 network is now available to 184 […]

Intel Convertible Tablet Ultrabook Concept (Video)

Intel Convertible Concept Tablet Ultrabook - YouTube

Hmmm? Convertible Tablets? Where have we heard that before. I have to admit, hybrid Tablets have always intrigued me since the bygone days of the HP tc1000 series. And let’s face it, if you use a Bluetooth keyboard with a Tablet aren’t you just admitting the obvious, that you like some sort of hybrid form […]

Intel Medfield Tablet Running Ice Cream Sandwich (Video)

Intel Medfield Android Tablet Hands On at CES 2012 - YouTube

There’s no doubt about it. Intel is arming up to wage some battles with ARM over market share in mobile devices. We’ve been seeing ARM this and ARM that for some time, but Intel is ready to fight back a bit, at least with some of the reference designs and concepts it is showing off […]

Ford Unveils the 2013 Fusion Energi Plug In Car (Video)

2013 Ford Fusion Energie

At CES 2012 today Ford CEO Allan Mulally officially unveiled the 2013 Ford Fusion Energi, a plug in hybrid sedan that is capable of 100 miles per gallon, well the equivalent in electric power, and features the connectivity you would expect from a new Ford electric vehicle. The new Ford Fusion Energi is the official car of […]

T-Mobile Introduces the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

Galaxy S Blaze 4G

Those of you on T-Mobile following CES 2012 may have been wondering when or the carrier would announce some new hardware. Fortunately, the carrier has done just that and just unveiled a new Galaxy S device from Samsung called the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G. Don’t let the mouthful of a name turn you off […]

$200 Hello Kitty Android Tablet Coming Holiday 2012 (Video)

Hello Kitty Android Tablet

Chances are if you’re under the age of 30 and owned a digital camera, camcorder, or branded electronics device or accessory as a kid, you’ve owned a Sakar product. The company is showcasing some of their new gadgets here at CES — mostly the same tech with different branding from the likes of Hello Kitty, […]

15-inch Samsung Series 9 Hands-On (Video)

15 inch Samsung Series 9

Today at CES I got a chance to go hands-on with Samsung’s 15-inch Series 9 ultraportable. I’d been able to fondle the 13.3-inch version before and came away impressed with the size and weight. Now that I’ve seen the larger model I may find choosing between them hard. The larger Series 9 is about the […]

Win a ThinkPad X220 From Lenovo (CES 2012)

ThinkPad X220

GottaBeMobile has landed at CES 2012 in Las Vegas to see the latest and greatest gadgets and thanks to our sponsor, you can win some great prizes of your own. Lenovo is the official sponsor of and at CES 2012 and has given us four great prizes to give to our readers. We […]

Toshiba Excite X10 Tablet Size Compared to iPhone and Thrive

Toshiba Excite x10 Tablet - 2

On Sunday, we were able to get some hands-on time with the Toshiba Excite X10 tablet, a device that the company says is the world’s thinnest and lightest 10-inch tablet in all of the lands. And today on the CES 2012 showroom, we again were able to spend some time with it. This time though, […]