Discontinued Dell Streak 5 is First Android Certified for Dept. of Defense


The now discontinued Dell Streak 5, which was revolutionary at the time of its release as the first hybrid smartphone-tablet form factor device, is now the world’s first Android device to get official certification for the U.S. Department of Defense use. Though Dell has stopped selling the Dell Streak 5, the company has continued development […]

T-Mobile Lays Dell Streak 7-Inch Tablet to Rest

Dell Streak 7

Just to show how fast mobile technology is evolving and the increased risk of obsolescence, T-Mobile is now discontinuing the 7-inch Dell Streak Android tablet. First introduced in January of this year, the 7-inch Dell Streak was the first tablet on T-Mobile’s network that took advantage of the carrier’s 4G HSPA+ speeds. The device, like […]

Pantech Vega 5 Smartphone-Tablet Hybrid Makes Dell Streak 5 Owners Envious


The Pantech Vega 5 tablet for the Asian market bears the same 5-inch form factor that straddles the line between large smartphone and undersized tablet beautifully, like the 5-inch Dell Streak that was released before it. Unfortunately, though, this handset may never make it to the U.S. so those who are awaiting for the Vega […]

Dell 10-Inch Android Tablet Reportedly Set To Arrive This Summer


Earlier this week, Forbes reported that Dell’s upcoming Windows 7 10-inch tablet had been delayed until sometime in the fall. Unfortunately, that is still the case, however it looks like Dell might have another 10-inch tablet out this summer, a device that will be flavored with Android. The tablet, which was shown off briefly back […]

Dell Streak 7 WiFi-Only Model Up for Pre-Order


In addition to the Dell Streak 7 for T-Mobile USA’s network, Dell is prepping a WiFi-only model of the 7-inch Android 2.2 tablet with a WVGA resolution. The Streak 7’s WVGA resolution may be a disappointment for some as it’s the standard smartphone resolution for higher-end devices, but is seen as being low for a […]

Dell Streak Marketing Stunt Results in Dozens of 911 Calls, Arrests

Screen shot 2011-02-15 at 7.35.06 PM

Two Dell employees decided to pull an internal marketing stunt to promote the Dell Streak at its Round Rock campus that resembled a terrorist attack. I’ve heard that the Streak family of tablets is low, but I didn’t realize it was so low that Dell would have to sink to these depths. Two Dell employees […]

Android Acer Iconia Smart has a 4.8-inch 21:9 Display


At Mobile World Congress, Acer debuted its Iconia Smart smartphone, which is powered by the Android operating system. The company is marketing is 4.8-inch screen–just shy of the 5-inch screen on the Dell Streak 5 for AT&T–as “100% smartphone, 100% tablet,” suggesting that the hybrid device employs a compact enough form factor to be utilized […]

Dell Streak 7: Another Device Without Enough Juice


Reviews of the Dell Streak 7 are rolling and battery life looks to be the device’s Achilles heel. You can make a tablet sleek, sexy and powerful, but who cares if you have to constantly keep on the lookout for a power outlet? You would’ve thought that Dell would’ve learned this lesson by now, with countless consumers […]

AT&T-Locked Dell Streak to Get Android 2.2 Froyo Update Feb. 1


According to Best Buy sources to blog Streak Smart, the AT&T-locked version of Dell’s 5-inch tablet/smartphone hybrid will be getting its upgrade to Android 2.2 Froyo on February 1st, the day before Dell will be launching its 7-inch tablet for carrier T-Mobile USA. Though there was a lot of initial enthusiasm behind Dell’s entry into […]

Dell Venue and Streak 7 getting smudgy at CES 2011


As I write this, Xavier and Josh are checking out the mobile wares from Dell at CES 2011. While they snap photos and get hands-on impressions, we have the official word from Dell on what their Venue smartphone and Streak 7 tablet will offer.

Price Cuts on Tablets Starting to Pop Up


Well, it looks like that price cut rumor on the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Tab is rumor no more. Word is that the $50 price drop (from $399 to $349) is now in place, but quietly so for some reason. (Of course blogs are changing the quietly part.) Word is also out that Best […]

Dell U.S. Offering Android 2.2 Froyo Unlocked Streak for Slight Premium


It looks like Dell is now offering a SIM-unlocked version of its Dell Streak pre-loaded with Android 2.2 Froyo, the most current version of the Android operating system, for a slight premium at $580 compared to $550 for the AT&T SIM-locked, non-contract version running Android 1.6. The SIM-unlocked version also runs the Dell Stage user […]

Venue Pro Launch Problems: Dell Shows Inexperience with Mobile


After having exited the PDA business with its Axim line, which at the time ran on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform, Dell is returning to the mobile space now with converged devices running on both Android and Windows Phone 7. While the company has launched a few Android devices already, its launch of the highly coveted […]

Best Buy Now Offering White Dell Streak


Select Best Buy stores are now offering the white version of the Dell Streak for sale. Unfortunately, though, the paler shade of the Streak, which was previously only available in black in the U.S., is only available in a physical store and cannot be ordered online through Best Buy’s website. According to Streak Smart, you […]

Unlocked Dell Streak Coming to U.S.


In a few weeks time, Dell will be making a version of its Dell Streak Internet tablet/smartphone hybrid available in unlocked form and pre-loaded with Android 2.2 Froyo for U.S. customers. The Dell Streak was launched, and locked to, with partner AT&T in the U.S. though the tablet device is not sold through AT&T nor […]

Dell Opus One to Succeed 5-Inch Streak


It seems that the Streak has just barely launched for the U.S. market and the late-coming Android OS-powered tablet from Dell may soon get a successor by the name of the Opus One. The Dell Streak, with its 5-inch Gorilla Glass display, had straddled the market between large touchscreen smartphone and diminutive tablet, and I […]

Michael Dell Says More Dell Tablets Coming


Speaking in Hong Kong, Michael Dell says that Dell will be introducing new Tablets in the next year. We’re going to have a significant number of new tablets in the next year. There’re lots of debate about the size of the market, who’s buying these devices, and those questions always emerge when there’s a new […]

Dell skipping Eclair on the Streak, going straight to Froyo


So, you have a Dell Streak with a Donut on it? Yes, releasing a device in 2010 with an Android version that came out in September 2009 is unsatisfactory in my book, but it looks like Dell cares. Do they? Well, they care enough to skip Android 2.1 (Eclair) and they plan to take us […]