From Xbox to iPhone, Hardcore Games Going Mobile

Infinity Blade 2

While the gaming industry is building up to a new generation of home consoles from Microsoft and Sony, a story from NPR talks about how Epic Games made the switch from PC to console, and now to mobile games. Epic Games started as a PC game developer, then it took on the console market around […]

Infinity Blade: Dungeons on Hold as Epic Closes Impossible Studios

Impossible Studios

Eight months after opening Impossible Studios and giving the team control of Infinity Blade: Dungeons, Epic Games announced it will close the studio and put the game on hold. Epic handed over development of Infinity Blade: Dungeons to Impossible Studios after the company helped from the studio made of form Big Huge Games employees. Today […]

Epic Citadel Comes To Android

Epic Citadel

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine demo app Epic Citadel is now available for Android devices, and it adds a few features that are exclusive to the platform, according to The Verge. Epic Citadel is showcase for the Unreal Engine on mobile devices, and it was the first app Epic released on iOS while it continued to […]

Infinity Blade Dungeons Delayed Until 2013

Infinity Blade Dungeons

Epic Games’ dungeon crawler Infinity Blade prequel won’t make it to the iPad this year, according to All Things D. Epic Games announced Infinity Blade Dungeons on stage during the March announcement of the new iPad. Since then, there were a few previews, but the game didn’t show up on stage again. Now Epic Games […]

Gameloft “Wild Blood” Trailer Teases First Unreal Engine Game

Gameloft Unreal Engine game

The teaser trailer Gameloft’s first Unreal Engine game is finally here, showing the game in action for the first time. The new game is Wild Blood, and it looks like a dark fantasy game featuring ogres, zombies, and other creatures we can’t quite name. The only obvious hint to the story of the game aside […]

Gameloft Announces & Teases its First Unreal Engine Game

Gameloft Unreal Engine game

Gameloft, typically known for its plethora of mobile games tied to movies or “inspired” by console games, is now teasing its first game made with Epic Games‘ Unreal Engine. The French developer is teasing the game on its Facebook page, but it won’t say too much about it yet. Right now Gameloft only offers up […]

Infinity Blade II Receives Last Free Content Update

Infinity Blade 2

Infinity Blade II recently received another big free content update, but this is the last one Epic Games will issue for the game. According to Game Informer, Epic Games wrapped up the story of Infinity Blade II with the version 1.3 update. The content update, called Infinity Blade II: Skycages adds new characters, items, and […]

Epic Games Releases New Infinity Blade Dungeons Trailer

Infinity Blade Dungeons

When Apple unveiled the new iPad, Epic Games came on stage to show off its new iOS game, Infinity Blade Dungeons. We still don’t know when the game will come out, but a new trailer shows off more of the game. The trailer comes from Joystiq with some new information about the game coming from IGN. […]

Epic Games Announces Infinity Blade Dungeons for new iPad

Infinity Blade Dungeons

Epic Games has announced its newest Infinity Blade game for the new iPad, Infinity Blade Dungeons. The game is designed to take advantage of the Retina Display in the new iPad. The game looks to be a departure from the typical Infinity Blade games. This one looks more like a Diablo-esque adventure game instead of the […]

Infinity Blade 2.0 Set to Roll Out Today

Infinity Blade II | The Next Chapter in Mobile Gaming

Epic Games is set to roll out Infinity Blade 2.0 today and from what I’ve seen in the pre-hype videos it looks impressive. I enjoy Infinity Blade quite a bit, especially on frustrating days when I need to wack on something just to relieve stress. That said, Infinity Blade is more than just stress relief. […]

The 8-bit Inspiration Behind Infinity Blade’s TKO


If you were playing Doodle Jump on an iPhone 3GS a mere two years ago, you wouldn’t have likely imagined that the DS’ and PSP’s portable gaming dominance would soon be threatened by Apple’s smartphone OS. Yet threatened it was, and one of the games that helped to do this was Infinity Blade. Don’t let […]