Use Your iPhone to Secure Your Gmail Account

Google Authenticator iPhone App

If you use a Gmail account it’s easy to make your Gmail login more secure with your iPhone and two factor authentication. With all the information we keep in our Gmail accounts, the connections we have with others and the possibility of a hacker to scam friends and family it’s important to do all you […]

5 Things I Hate About the iPhone

iPhone settings

The iPhone is a great phone with plenty of great features, but Apple’s darling falls flat in several key places. After using the iPhone 4S since launch, there are a number of things I hate about the iPhone platform. (Read: 5 Things I Hate about Android) I’ve had the iPhone 4S for the past 6 […]

What’s the Best Way to Use Gmail on the iPad?

I love checking my email on the iPad, but I’m looking for a better way to check Gmail on the iPad. Here’s why I love reading and responding to email on the iPad. The portability means I can answer e-mails in bed, on the couch or even in the car. The larger screen size means […]

Sparrow for iPhone Review: Nearly Perfect Email Experience


Sparrow for the iPhone has finally arrived, and with it the ability to use the iPhone to read email; something I haven’t been able to do since I purchased the iPhone 4S in October. Sparrow replaces the Mail app that you are probably using to read email on your iPhone now. Mail offers the most […]

Review: 10 Reasons the Galaxy Nexus is Better Than the iPhone 4S

Galaxy Nexus Better than the iPhone 4S

The best Android phones are arguably the Nexus devices which get special treatment from Google. These phones have the latest software, the best features and often the best looks. The Galaxy Nexus continues this tradition on Verizon’s fast 4G LTE network, bringing an HD display and Android 4.0 to the table. Read: Galaxy Nexus Review […]

GMail IOS App Update Now Allows You To Ink Your Emails Kinda, Sorta


Yesterday Google released an update to its iOS GMail App that brought new features like vacation responders, different signatures for mobile emails and scribbling. I’ll talk about the scribbling part in a second. When I posted about the App release yesterday I wasn’t seeing the little gear icon that allowed you to access some of […]

Google Extends Free Calling in Gmail and Google Voice Through 2012

Google Voice

It’s the holiday season which means it’s the season of giving. And guess what? Google is doing just that. The company has announced that it will be extending free calls made through Gmail and the Google Voice web application. Unfortunately, this nice little gesture is only available to those living in either the United States […]

Native Gmail App Returns to the App Store


The native Gmail application has made its glorious return to the App Store today, and we can safely say that the notifications bug appears to have been fixed which means that you should now be able to use the app as advertised. On November 2nd, Google released its its highly anticipated native Gmail application for […]

Google Ending Support for BlackBerry Gmail App

Gmail App for BlackBerry

It’s getting hard to remember the last piece of good news that came out of Camp RIM and unfortunately today, the bad news just keeps piling. Google has announced that it will not only ending support for the BlackBerry Gmail application but that it will be pulling the application from existence on November 22nd. So […]

Gmail for iPhone Bringing Priority Inbox & Push Notifications Soon

What Gmail for iPhone Could Be

Gmail has been a core part of the Android experience, and one of the biggest reasons it has been hard for me to make the switch to the iPhone 4S. For everything the iPhone does better than Android, Gmail is not on the list. While I am enjoying the no email notification life, I still […]

Dear Google: Fix the Slowness of GMail Now!

Gmail - Inbox -

GMail has become the go to web/cloud email service for so many. In some ways you can call it Google’s flagship product. So, why then is it constantly plagued with a slowness that makes it seem like Google just doesn’t care anymore? It doesn’t happen all the time, but when things slow down, I feel […]

Squeeze More Usability out of Gmail with Preview & Labs


Gmail is a tool I use everyday. Over the past few years I have been finding tweaks and add ons to the standard Gmail experience that help me squeeze more productivity out of Gmail. With the introduction¬†of the preview pane, which lets you quickly read and respond to emails in the Gmail interface, I thought […]

The Gmail Man: Microsoft Parody Video Makes Fun of Gmail Ad System

The Gmail Main

Microsoft created a mildly amusing parody video making fun of the Google Gmail system of looking at the content of your email and producing targeted ads based on the content. While the video is kind of funny, it highlights a variation in the approaches Google takes versus Microsoft. Being an advertising company, Google produces products […]

Stage an Email Intervention – Switch Friends to Gmail

email intervention

Do your parents or friends still use that same hotmail or yahoo account they signed up for in 1998? You know, the one that goes [email protected]? If this sounds like someone you know, why not stage an email intervention? There is no charge to get the expert help of Dr. Richard Muscat to convert your […]

How to Enable Push for Gmail on iPhone [Tips]


If you use a Gmail account, when setting up your iPhone’s email your natural reaction would be to, well, set it up as “Gmail.” If you want your new emails to be delivered immediately, though, that’s exactly not what you want to do. What you will want to do is to set your mail up […]