First 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Accessories to Buy

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung finally released the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with an improved display, better hardware design and simpler Touchwiz without as much crapware as earlier versions of the phablet. It still offers the great S Pen for fine-tipped accuracy without compare in the smartphone world. Most buyers of a new phone unpack it, load their favorite apps […]

Google Music All Access Goes Free for Chromecast Users

Chromecast 1st birthday

Last year shortly after Google’s annual I/O Developer event the company announced and released what we all now know as the Google Chromecast. The company’s $35 HDMI dongle which allows users to stream or “cast” nearly any and all content from a smartphone or tablet right to any HDTV. Google’s Chromecast was a surprise product […]

Chromecast Update Finally Delivers Full Android Screen Mirroring

Google ChromeCast

This morning, after months of hints that the feature could possibly be coming soon to Android and Chromecast users, today Google announced that Android screen mirroring to your TV is now officially supported by Google Chromecast. Last year Google surprised many while releasing and announcing its new Nexus 7 tablet, by also announcing a brand […]

Amazon Fire TV: Review


I feel very much the same about Amazon’s new Fire TV as I did about the first edition of Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablets. There’s potential in this new born, but it hasn’t found its legs yet. Like most infants it is pleasant to look at and celebrate the arrival. But time needs to pass before […]

5 Reasons I Bought the Amazon Fire TV

Amazon_Fire_TV_–_Streaming_Media_Player_–_Shop_Now 3

Amazon has joined the set top box race by introducing its version called Fire TV today. I ordered a Fire TV when they became available shortly after the announcement. It’s not that I need another set top box or another HDMI cable to plug into my TV. I don’t really. But in long view as […]

Google Chromecast App Support Poised to Explode


Last year Google surprised many during the unveiling of the Nexus 7 tablet, by also announcing and releasing a $35 HDMI media-streaming dongle for TVs called the Chromecast. This little budget-friendly device turns TVs into smart TVs, and delivers streams of content from nearby devices, like your smartphone or tablet. The Chromecast was one of […]

10 New Apps Added to Google Chromecast


Are you a Google Chromecaster? Sort of sounds a bit magical. But slinging digital content from a mobile device to your TV isn’t as magical as it used to be. If you own a Google Chromecast dongle and like to view content from your mobile device or from your Chrome browser then Google has just […]

Pandora Chromecast Support Available Today


Pandora and Google have announced that the music streaming service is arriving on Chromecast today. The search giant announced during the Chromecast’s launch back in July that Pandora would be arriving on the HDMI dongle at some point in the future, and finally we’re getting that promise. The update works on both Android devices and […]

Hulu Plus iOS App Adds Support for Google Chromecast

The ChromeCast is small and surprisingly useful.

Hulu Plus lets you use the iOS app to get access to the online video streaming site, and offers up recently aired television shows and some older shows and movies. It now works with the Google Chromecast, a streaming device released earlier this year by Google. Android users can already use Hulu Plus on their devices […]

Mozilla Teases Chromecast-Like Tab Mirroring in Firefox


Mozilla employee Mark Finkle has teased us with a photo of what he says is “tab mirroring from Firefox to Roku” using a Nexus 4. The photo pictures the Nexus 4 with the Firefox web browser open, and the television in the background is displaying the same image that’s on the smartphone. This hints to […]

Google ChromeCast Review: $35 Apple TV Alternative

Google ChromeCast

The Google ChromeCast is a small device that plugs into the HDMI port to bring webpages, YouTube, Netflix and more to a HDTV. The $35 ChromeCast connects to WiFi to turn any HDTV into a smart TV. Users “cast” to the ChromeCast with an iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows device to put web content on […]

The Chromecast, What it Should Have Been

This is the Google ChromeCast, a small device that puts music, movies and apps on your HDTV.

During this morning’s keynote Google did something most watchers hadn’t been expecting. In addition to launching a slightly updated version of Android focused on enabling more scenarios for developers, and announcing that it would add text-books to the Google Play Store. The company confirmed what watchers hadn’t seen leaks of until just before the event: Chromecast. […]

Where to Buy Chromecast

This is the Google ChromeCast, a small device that puts music, movies and apps on your HDTV.

With Google having now formally announced its third attempt at bringing its services to the living room, many users are looking to get their hands on Chromecast, the device that allows users to stream content to their televisions. As the initial stock seems to be rather low, it’s best that users who want the device […]

ChromeCast TV Service or Accessory Possible at Today’s Android Event


With the appearance of a device called Chromecast on the Google Play Store, it seems Google could be taking this morning’s breakfast announcement as an opportunity to show of a new play for users in the living room. When looking up information about the devices being sold on the Google Play Store, a user from […]