When Only Windows Will Do: 5 Windows Slates You Can Buy Today

Mobile Demand xt7000

When it comes to tablets, Android and Apple continue to dominate consumers’ attention. But sometimes only Windows will get the job done, especially for businesses. Windows 7 tablets may not have the vast collection of  touch optimized apps, but Windows 7 does deliver a great inking experience and support for many custom and legacy apps […]

HP Slate 500 Tablet PC- Very Negative Review


The HP Slate 500 has had a pretty rough road so far. GBM co-founder Rob Bushway got his hands on the device and was not pleased with it at all. He summed up his feelings with a headline that simply reads “HP Slate 500 Tablet PC – Don’t Waste Your Money.” Rob didn’t like the […]

HP Slate 500 getting attention from health industry


Any hopes that the HP Slate 500 might swing back to being a consumer gadget after being rebranded as an enterprise device got a little slimmer this week as HP announced a couple of health care applications for the tablet, taking it back to a key vertical market of the Tablet PC.

HP pimps their ride with a Slate

West Coast Customs HP Denali

While some of you were (and perhaps still are) waiting for your HP Slate 500 to arrive, one made an appearance in a custom GMC Yukon Denali by West Coast Customs at the opening of the HP Store in Vancouver, Canada on December 3rd 2010.

HP Slate 500 Unboxing Pictures


We’ve been following the shipping stories about the HP Slate 500 since word dropped that they are finally on their way. Over on the TabletPCReview.com forums, user heatlesssun has not only gotten his hands on one of the HP Slate 500s that have started shipping but he’s posted up a few unboxing pictures as well […]

Is the HP Slate 500 Shipping? One Guy Thinks So.


An Engadget reader seems to have evidence that is HP Slate 500 is finally shipping. Here’s hoping that’s true for anyone who got on the early adopter bandwagon. How about you GBM readers? I know several of you ordered. I don’t want to start a manic craze of hitting the refresh button to check shipping, […]

Why You Might Not Want To Buy a Tablet/Slate This Christmas


The floodgates have opened. Everybody and their brother is releasing some form of Tablet this month and next in hopes to capture some of your Christmas dollars. Actually that’s not completely true. Some smart players are waiting until next year before getting into the game. But all are playing a very weird game of follow […]

Reflecting on the HP Slate not being dead


Oh, HP Slate or, as you’re properly called, HP Slate 500 Tablet PC. Been a long road, more than ten months since you graced the stage at CES2010. In that time, you’ve died and come back more times than Michael Myers, providing me with quality distractions along the way. Here, I present the last of […]

GBM InkShow: A Detailed Look at the HP Slate 500


Here it is, the main event: Xavier spends nearly fifteen minutes with the HP Slate 500 Tablet PC in this first-look at the Windows 7 slate. It’s got pen input. It’s got a multi-touch screen. Any question you have is answered in this video. Well, no, not really, but seriously, he covers a lot in […]

GBM Shortcut: A Brief Hands-on with the HP Slate 500


In this first of two videos, Xavier gives us a quick and dirty once-over of the HP Slate 500 Tablet PC. More details to come in a second, longer video, but if you just want the four-minute tour or something to whet your appetite for the main event, check it out:

More shots of the HP Slate 500


Our top dog Xavier was on-hand at HP’s briefing on the HP Slate 500. He managed to snap a few pics and video. Have both a shortcut and InkShow coming at you (basically one short video and one long one). We’ll have that as soon as they’re available. Photo gallery below. Check out our other […]

Mystery HP Slate revealer reveals more


The formerly anonymous leaker of the HP Slate revealed more in a new YouTube video. He showed us the pen, the number of fingers it can recognize, and the webcams, front and back.

HP Slate prototype captured on video


Some dude (that’s not a slam; the guy is pretty anonymous) has posted a YouTube video showing a prototype of the mythic HP Slate. He offers a once over of the exterior and a brief look at the basic software.

Rumor: HP WebOS tablet/Hurricane/PalmPad early 2011


They say you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Well, according to the latest rumor, HP is taking that idiom and running with it for tablets with rumors of the Windows 7 HP Slate 500 headed to enterprise, the Android-based eStation Zeen for printers, and now the return of the WebOS-based HP Hurricane, […]

HP eStation Zeen: Slate? Android tablet? Or something more?


Finally! Another excuse to post a new “I thought you were dead” graphic for the HP Slate, now suspected of being a new tablet called the eStation Zeen that’s passed FCC certification. Or is the Zeen really a different Android-based tablet for eReading? Or is it something else, something… greater?

HP confirms webOS phone, Windows 7 tablet, and sky is blue

Palm Pre Plus

CNBC’s Tech Check reports that HP will use webOS exclusively when they step into the current smartphone market. This must surely come as a surprise to everyone who thought they were going to take that $1.2B they spent to buy Palm then dump it in the trash. Also, they’re making a Windows 7 tablet.

So what happened with the HP Slate?


With all the back and forth on whether the HP Slate/Hurricane/PalmPad/Slate 500 is dead or not, the device seems to have taken on mythic status, despite the fact it’s a demonstrated device with defined specs. There should be no question as to whether it exists. The only questions are if (or when) it will ship, […]

Is That the HP Slate on HP’s Website?


PCWorld is linking to an HP catalog page that sure looks like it is for the HP Slate. Called the HP Slate 500, the page says it is running Windows 7 Premium, has a 9.4 inch screen, has both pen and touch input. Another link mentioned in the PCWorld article says that the HP Slate […]