New iPad vs. iPad 2 vs. iPad: Features, Specs & Size

New iPad

The new iPad comes with a high resolution Retina Display and a collection of new features, but if you are planing to upgrade from the iPad or iPad 2, I’m sure you want to know how the iPad compares to the previous models. This is the third iPad, but Apple is not calling it the […]

iPad 2 Price Drops to $399 with New iPad Launch

iPad 2 Price Drops to $399 with New iPad Release

The iPad 2 is now priced at just $399, which is quite a steal if you don’t need the latest and greatest technology.  The new iPad looks great, but the iPad 2 will suit many users just fine. Apple will also sell a 16GB 3G model for $529. Both prices put it in a better […]

Why I Never Sell My Old iPad and Still Buy New Every Year


The annual selling of the old iPad and buying of the new iPad has turned into a tradition for many tech enthusiasts, including our editor Josh Smith. He told you that it makes financial sense to sell and buy a new iPad each year because this practice costs him only $11-$27 per month for the […]

Amazon Paying $100 More Than Gazelle for Your Old iPad 2

Best iPad 2 Trade in Prices

If you’re selling your iPad 2 to buy the iPad 3, or iPad HD, I just found the best place to trade in your old iPad. Surprisingly, Amazon is paying a huge premium for old iPads for a limited time. Right now you can get $100 more than Gazelle and Nextworth if you trade in […]

Can A Nexus Tablet Compete with the iPad?

Can A Nexus Tablet Compete with the iPad?

Love it or hate it, we’re living in a tablet world dominated by Apple’s iPad. The Motorola Xoom? Hailed as the first credible iPad competitor. It was bought less than a million times in 2011. The Droid-branded tablets, the Droid Xyboard? I’m willing to bet that less than 50,000 have sold. The BlackBerry PlayBook? Took […]

Twenty Reasons the iPad 3 Will Outsell the iPad 2

In under a week, Apple will hold an event to announce the new iPad. Whether the next iPad is called the iPad 3, iPad 2S or iPad HD, it will face a larger contingent of Android competition. I say larger, because there are many more Android tablets on the market today, but the competition is […]

Retina Display Alone Will Get Me to Upgrade to the iPad 3

Retina Display Alone Will Get Me to Upgrade to the iPad 3

Apple is going to be announcing the next iPad, presumably the iPad 3, at an event in San Francisco on March 7th. The launch will come just about a year after the company released the iPad 2, a device that became the first tablet that I have ever owned. I, like many iPad 2 owners, […]

Apple Reportedly Launching 8GB iPad 2 at iPad 3 Event

iPad 2

Apple is holding an iPad event on March 7th in Sans Fransisco where we expect to hear all the details about the iPad 3, but a new rumor suggests we’ll see more than that. According to DigiTimes, we’ll see an 8GB iPad 2 model announced, which will help apple compete with price conscious consumers that […]

Galaxy II Beats iPhone 4S for Smartphone of the Year at MWC 2012

Galaxy II Beats iPhone 4S for Smartphone of the Year at MWC 2012

It was an Android device that ended up winning the smartphone of the year award from the organization that hosts the Mobile World Congress. The GSMA announced the winners of the 17th Annual Global Mobile awards today and the Samsung Galaxy S II was given the honor. Not a shabby piece of hardware for a […]

Is the iPad 2 Good Enough to Keep You from Buying the iPad 3?


The iPad 3 faces stiff competition when it’s announced next week at Apple’s media event in San Francisco. Apple shouldn’t worry about losing iPad users to competitors. Instead, the company needs to focus on convincing current iPad owners to ditch their current iPads and upgrade to the latest and greatest. Doing so may be more […]

Apple Isn’t The Only Company at Foxconn To Criticize

Apple Foxconn Worker

During the past few weeks it has become as fashionable to hate on Apple as it has been to own an Apple product. But, unless you’re doing your due diligence on every gadget in your bag, dorm or home, you might want to reconsider hating on a single company. In case you missed it, The […]

iPad 3 Rumored to Cost More Than iPad 2

iPad 3 to Cost More Than the iPad 2?

Apple is pegged to be announcing the iPad 3 during the first week of March. If true, it means that we’ll find out if all of the rumors are true in just a few days. And while most of those whispers have been about hardware and software, today we have an entirely new rumor to […]

iPad 3 Release Around the Corner, Skip Best Buy’s iPad 2 Sale

Apple iPad 2

Best Buy has dropped the price of the iPad 2 in its stores and online, but please don’t take the store up on the offer. The iPad 3 is coming very soon, with March 7 currently pegged for the launch. There’s no sense in buying an iPad 2 even at $50 off with the new iPad coming […]

Photoshop Touch Brings Photo Editing Magic to the iPad 2 (Video)

Photoshop Touch iPad

Photoshop Touch, a finger friendly version of Adobe’s Photoshop software tool launches on the iPad 2 today, bringing a collection of easy to use features and tools to your iPad 2 for $9.99. Photoshop Touch goes further than simple photo editing apps, allowing users to make use of Photoshop layers, even moving the project to […]

Office for iPad Leak Ignites War of Words

Office for iPad Leak Ignites War of Words

It appears that we have a war of words brewing between The Daily, the publication that earlier today leaked an image of what is purportedly Microsoft’s Office for iPad, and Microsoft itself which has gone on record saying the image is fake telling ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley that the image “is not a real picture of […]

What to Do Before Upgrading to the iPad 3

What To Do Before Upgrading to the iPad 3

Apple is presumed to be launching its next iPad sometime in March. While the company has yet to send out invitations to a press event, March 7th is the day that many have circled on their calendar as launch day. If you’re currently an iPad or iPad 2 owner or if you’re just thinking about […]

Sell Your iPad 2 on eBay Like a Pro to Buy the iPad 3

iPad 3

With the iPad 3 release date pegged for the middle of March, you might already be thinking about selling your iPad 2 to upgrade to the new iPad 3. If you are even considering selling your iPad or iPad 2, now’s the time to get started because prices will soon be dropping faster than a […]

SpiderArm Mount Puts Your iPad 2 Wherever You Want It To Be


If there’s one problem with the iPad 2’s design it’s that iPad users generally have poor posture , especially when not using a stand or a case with an integrated stand. The spiderArm aims to fix that issue by attaching the iPad 2 to a modular arm that can attach to almost any surface. The […]