iPad Accessories


Will Your iPad 2 Cases Fit the new iPad?

If you have an iPad 2 and are buying the  iPad 3, now just called iPad, you may want to save some money by reusing your old iPad 2 cases. Will your iPad 2 ca...

iKeyboard Adds Tactile Keyboard to iPad

Typing on the iPad is a pain. It just is. Typing on any on-screen keyboard won't be as good as typing on a handware one, of course, but there are ways to make t...
iBallz on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

iBallz iPad and Tablet Accessory Review

There are dozens of accessory and case makers in the world attempting to solve the problem of protecting your precious iPad or Android tablet from the pitfalls of modern life. Some solve this by wrapping it in armor or gel or just mounting it to a stable surface, never to move. Some solve this by wrapping the tablet in balls.