ZeroChroma Reveals iPhone 5s & iPad mini Cases with Kickstands

Flip back the cover to take a photo with the iPad mini.

ZeroChroma is back with a thinner iPhone 5s case, a new iPad mini case and a new design that offers more angles than previous cases. These cases include a built-in kickstand that lets users quickly prop up the iPhone or iPad mini without the need to carry a kickstand with you. The Gotta Be Mobile […]

LifeProof Nüüd Case Readies iPads for Action, Bathtub (video)


LifeProof CEO Gary Raynor showed off a waterproof iPad case that does not obstruct the tablet’s display at IFA 2012 in Berlin. The ruggedized case looks very promising and we expect those who work or play with their iPads outdoors will appreciate the LifeProof Nüüd iPad case. At $159 the LifeProof Nüüd is pricey, but investing […]

Sena Florence Portfolio iPad Case Review

SENA Florence Portfolio Review - split

The Sena Florence Portfolio for the new iPad is a sleek leather case that includes a paper notepad, stylus and a place to keep the odds and ends that come with a mobile office. While the Florence Portfolio is thicker than a standard iPad case, the design and leather allows the case to stay relatively thin and […]

SlateSHIELD iPad Case Review: Rotatable Kickstand and Hand Grip

SlateSHIELD Review - back

The SlateSHIELD all-in-one iPad case is easily one of the best iPad cases I’ve used and the only new iPad case I’ll use in the classroom this fall. The SlateSHIELD combines the kickstand I love on the ZeroChrome iPad case with the handle from the Belkin Grip 360 into a slim and sturdy package that offers […]

GottaBeFunded: Arctic Flight iPad Case is a Perfect Fit for Flyers

Arctic Flight IPad Case Attaches to Tray

The Arctic Flight iPad case is the most impressive iPad case for travelers and flyers I’ve seen. We’ve seen iPad cases designed to sit on the tray table, but this is the first iPad case that uses the tray table to transform into the ultimate flying companion by mounting to the seat in front of […]

Beautiful Waterproof iPhone Case is Only .25mm Thin

Beautiful Waterproof iPhone Case is Only .25mm Thin

The Case Marine is an impossibly thin waterproof iPhone case that really needs to come to the United States. Discovered by Gizmodo, the case represents something profoundly different in the world of waterproof iPhone cases. While most waterproof iPhone cases are bulky and ugly, the Case Marine is both attractive and thin. The case only […]

Lusso Cartella Luxury iPad Case Review

Lusso Cartella

The craftsmanship and elegance of the Lusso Cartella Luxury iPad case will lure you in, but unfortunately, the case has some drawbacks that make its $199 price tag hard to swallow. When I first received the Lusso Cartella Luxury iPad case, I was absolutely blown away. The presentation of the thing is about as classy […]

Logitech Solar-powered iPad Keyboard Never Needs to be Plugged In

Logitech Solar-powered iPad Keyboard Nevers Needs Charging

Logitech is on a roll with its new iPad keyboard cases. It’s newest keyboard case is solar-powered and will rarely need a charge. The Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio is more of a traditional case than the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover the company recently released. The new case wraps around the back of the iPad with the […]

Which Accessories We Bought for the New iPad (3rd Gen)

Tomorrow most of us will get the new iPads that we ordered. Even the base model of the new iPad is expensive at $500, so it’s a good idea to protect that investment. In addition to protection, many new iPad accessories let you do more with your iPad. Whether you plan to sell it next year for […]

iPad Survives 1,300 Foot Drop (Video)


If you’re the kind of person that loves to take your iPad skydiving, G-Form might just have the case you’ve been looking for. You see, they took two iPads skydiving and proceeded to drop them from a solid 1300 feet wrapped inside two of their cases, the Extreme Edge and the Extreme Portfolio. As you […]

Yoobao Executive Genuine Leather Case V2 for iPad 2 is Nearly Perfect


The Yoobao Executive Genuine Leather Case V2 for iPad 2 is easily the best iPad 2 case I’ve seen yet. It is a nice low-profile leather folio style case that protects the iPad 2, feels good in your hands and incorporates the magnetic on/off sleep feature that Apple included in their Smart Cover. Unlike the […]

AViiQ Smart Case a Sharp Companion to iPad Smart Cover, Too Sharp

AViiQ Smart Case protects the back while using the iPad 2 Smart Cover

UPDATE: AViiQ informed us after reading this review that they will be smoothing the sharp edges of the Smart Case. As you read the following review keep that in mind that our chief complaint will be dealt with in a couple of weeks. The AViiQ Smart Case is designed as a companion for the Apple […]

US+U Swivel Pro iPad Case Does Tricks


A lot of iPad cases have a gimmick. The US+U Swivel Pro is an iPad case looks like it has just about all of them wrapped into one. It has a rotating handle, kickstand, sylus holder and  note pocket. It looks bulkier than most iPad cases, but it might be for you if you can’t […]

Is Kensington Powerback the Perfect Case for Super Moms?


Kensington has a number of interesting cases for the iPad out, including the Powerback. The Powerback case provides some protection and 4400mAh of extra juice, providing up to five hours of use on top of the iPad’s standard 10 hours. Who needs 15 hours of battery life out of their iPad? Super Moms apparently. In […]

GBM Shortcut: OtterBox iPad Defender Series Case


The iPad is a lot of things, but one thing it clearly is not is rugged. OtterBox sent me an iPad Defender Series case and I’ve really enjoyed using it. In fact, I’ve only rarely removed it from my iPad since receiving it in the mail. This case adds a serious measure of durability to […]

Nimbus Tote: The Geekiest iPad Case Yet


If walking around using a smartphone with Bluetooth headset jammed in your ear isn’t geeky enough, you should pick up a Nimbus Tote to complete your geeky outfit. You see, the Nimbus Tote lets you walk around with an iPad (or presumably any other slate device) with the display exposed for your own use, or […]