Chinese My Idol iPhone App Turns Selfies into 3D Models

Chinese My Idol Selfie 3D Model App - 7

If you look at the most popular iPhone apps you’ll notice a new Chinese iPhone app at the top of the charts. The Xiao Ou Wo De3d Meng Ou app or 小偶 – 我的3D萌偶 app by Huanshi lets you turn a selfie into a 3D model or avatar that you can customize and place in new clothes, […]

iPhone Alarm Makes You Do Logic Puzzles to Wake Up

Freaky Alarm

iPhone app Freaky Alarm forces users to perform specific tasks before it will turn the alarm off. To force users to wake up Freaky Alarm can make them complete logic puzzles, forcing them to think beyond just pressing a button. The app has a total of eight different logic puzzles to choose from, which isn’t […]

Takes Makes iPhone Photos Into Videos Instantly


A new iPhone app called Takes helps users decide between taking photos or video by taking both at the same time automatically. Takes is fairly similar to the HTC Zoe feature in the new HTC One, though with a few missing features. The app gives users what looks like a typical camera UI, with an […]

Mailbox for iPhone Lands With Focus on Inbox Zero


Mailbox, the iPhone app that wants to make users rethink their email inbox, is now available in the App Store. Mailbox turns users email inboxes into something more closely resembling a to-do list than an inbox. The app lets users snooze or save emails for later with a simple swipe. Users can remove email from their […]

Blux Camera for iOS: Innovative UI and Filters Make for Must-Have App

blux settings

The app store offers a ton of camera apps for iPhone and iPad, but Blux Camera easily competes with some of the best camera apps available, including Camera+ or Camera Awesome, as it lets users take both high quality artistic photos as well as popular photos with filters that people enjoy using with their cameras today. […]

Alien Blue is the Best Reddit iPhone App

Reddit iPhone App - Alien Blue Gallery

If you spend any amount of time on Reddit on the iPhone, Alien Blue is the app you’ve been waiting for. Alien Blue is a Reddit iPhone app that is optimized for the iPhone 5’s larger screen, offers better linking and conversation tracking than the competition and it’s free. Heavy Reddit users will want to upgrade to […]

Fantastical for iPhone Review: A Fantastic iPhone Calendar App

Fantastical Month View

The great Mac app Fantastical comes to iPhone for just $1.99 bringing with it the quick natural language event addition that made the Mac app so popular and useful. The iPhone app looks great and shows all the important details one needs in a calendar replacement. The app syncs with the iPhone’s built-in calendar, which […]

Vintagio Helps iPhone Users Make Vintage Films


A new video app from MacPhun called Vintagio promises to turn iPhone videos into nice vintage quality videos with filters and audio soundtracks. We’ve got samples that show pretty interesting results created with this app. It’s on sale now for just $.99 in the iTunes App Store. Vintagio takes the videos an iPhone user creates […]

Air Dictate Brings Siri Speech Recognition to Mac


Air Dictate from Avatron brings the great speech recognition of Siri to your Mac. You’ve heard the Avatron name before. Avatron also offers Air Display – an app that turns your iOS device into a secondary monitor. Thanks to the new app you can use Siri dictation on the Mac using your iPhone as a […]

Apple Accused of Ripping Off iOS 5 Feature from Student

Apple iOS 5

Apple has been accused of stealing an application its using in its upcoming iOS 5 software after rejecting the application from the iTunes App Store due to “security concerns” and because the app performed functions outside of the SDK. Back in May of 2010, Apple rejected an application made by a student named Greg Hughes. […]

LeafSnap iPhone App Can Identify Trees by Their Leaves


LeafSnap, a new iPhone application developed by facial recognition experts at Columbia University and the University of Maryland, is able to determine a species of tree by analyzing a photograph of a leaf. Once installed, simply use the iPhone’s camera and take a picture of a leaf on a piece of white paper, and let […]

Evernote Update Takes Advantage of iPad 2 Camera


Evernote was updated today with at least one new feature aimed at the iPad 2 – the ability to take note snapshots with the iPad 2’s camera. This is the killer application for the iPad 2. While sitting in a meeting just today I was using Evernote to keep track of our discussion. One of […]

Talking Touch with Flixter Founder

Flixter is an incredibly popular community that revolves around movies. Flixter’s iPhone app has been. and one that I use on a regular basis. Flixter’s Android and Blackberry applications are doing very well I got a chance to chat with Flixter co-founder Joe Greenstein at the Mobilize 09 conference yesterday. We started chatting about how […]