Apple’s New “Space Gray” Color Shown Off in Video

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 11.25.54 AM

The new “space gray” color that Apple added to its iPod lineup to match the new iPhone 5s color has been spotted in the wild. One lucky gentleman was able to get a hold of the space gray iPod Nano and shoot a quick video showing off the new color in real life, since we’ve […]

iPod Isn’t Dead Yet: New “Space Gray” Color Launched

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 5.19.24 PM

Apple didn’t announce any new iPods today, but that doesn’t mean they’re killing them off. The Cupertino-based company quietly added a new color choice today for the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. Those interested in getting a new iPod will now have the option of selecting “Space Gray” as a color, which is […]

Prompted by User Death, Apple Launches USB Charger Buy Back Program

iPhone Charger

Less than a month after a Chinese iPhone user died by electrocution while charging and talking on her iPhone 5, Apple has launched a new trade-in program for USB chargers. Starting August 16th Apple will begin buying back counterfeit and third-party power USB power adapters for iPhones. Power adapters dropped off at any Apple retail store […]

Take a Walk Through a Decade of iTunes


This month the iTunes Music Store turns ten, and to celebrate Apple put together a mini-site in iTunes showing how the store helped change the music industry. The Decade of iTunes site breaks down every year of the iTunes Music Store in detail. The timeline starts off on April 28, 2003 when the store first […]

Staples Now Sells Apple Accessories Online


Staples now offers Apple accessories including iPad Smart Covers, EarPods and Apple TV through its online store. The accessories come to Staples just a week after store executives admitted the company would sell Apple products, according to 9To5Mac. For now the accessories are only available online, but they may come to Staples stores sometime in […]

FreedomPop Turns iPod Touch Into Cheap iPhone Alternative


While always having the latest and greatest smartphone is convenient, the associated cost is not one that many consumers are willing to pay. This being said there are many users who have an iPod touch or other iOS device that they would be willing to use at a lower plan cost if there was a […]

Apple SmartWatch Rumored for 2013 Launch

Apple smart watch - iPod nano

Rumors out of China point to an Apple Smartwatch that connects to the iPhone with Bluetooth and displays information on a 1.5-inch display launching in the first half of 2013. Tech.163, a Chinese news site, reports on supply chain rumors which claim Apple and Intel are working on a smartwatch that would connect to iOS […]

iPod nano Review (7th Generation 2012)

iPod Nano 7th generation 2012 Review - 02

The new iPod nano brings a bigger screen, bluetooth support and a fresh design, but stops short of adding WiFi and a full version of iOS 6 that supports apps and streaming music. As an MP3 player the iPod nano is one of the best, but for users that already own smartphones the $150 anodized aluminum MP3 […]

Apple Announces New iPod Touch with 4-inch Display, Siri & Better Camera

iPod Touch Display

Apple announced a new iPod Touch today with a larger 4-inch display, better camera and Siri. This is the 5th generation iPod Touch. The new iPod Touch is the first real upgrade to the iPod Touch line since 2010, and a much-needed update. The iPhone stole much of the iPod Touch’s thunder, but this update shows Apple did […]

Apple Announces iPod Nano With Multitouch Screen

New iPod Nano Widescreen Display

At the iPhone 5 launch event, Apple is also announcing a refresh of its iPod music player. The iPod Nano is one of those devices to get a re-design from Cupertino, California. This time, though, the diminutive media player is gaining a larger screen and a shift in form factor. Whereas the previous Nano was […]

iPhone 5 Launches Tomorrow: Everything We Think We Know


Tomorrow, Apple will likely announce the iPhone 5 and release it to customers later this month. And while we still don’t have any official details regarding the iPhone 5 and its release date, we think we have a good idea about what to expect from both. The iPhone 5 will replace Apple’s iPhone 4S, a […]

New iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle Rumor Roundup

New iPod Nano

Next week Apple will finally unveil its new iPhone 5. While we know the device likely won’t share the stage with the iPad Mini, recent rumors say it might share the stage with new iPod devices. Apple hasn’t changed the designs of any iPods since 2010 when it introduced the new touchscreen iPod nano and […]

Apple May Be the Only Source For Your Dock Connector Accessories, Cables


Following early speculative report that Apple may be the sole source for users to buy Dock Connector accessories for the next-generation iPhone 5, which has a re-designed 19-pin Dock Connector that’s much smaller than the ones currently available today, there are new reports that suggest that Apple’s Dock Connector Adapter to make current micro USB […]

iPods to Join iPhone 5 Party on September 12


Come September 12 when Apple announces the iPhone 5, the company may also refresh its line of iPod music players. There are still very few details about which iPod models will get refreshed or newly introduced right now. However, it is believed that Apple will either update or refresh at least two iPod series at […]

New iPod Nano May Sport Larger Display & Home Button

New iPod Nano

Apple may be prepping a major redesign of the iPod Nano, ditching the watch-friendly iPod Nano shape for a larger display and a home button. The new iPod Nano rumors come from Macotakara by way of AppleInsider, and include a rendering that looks similar to the iPhone Nano rumors from years past. Macotakara’s “reliable Chinese source” claims the […]

New iPod Touch Coming with Larger Display?

New iPod Touch Coming with Larger Display?

It appears that the iPhone 5 might not be the only mobile device in Apple’s stable that receives a bump in screen size as a part leak indicates that the iPod touch might see a jump in screen size as well. MacRumors has leaked an alleged front panel of the next-generation iPod touch that seems […]

Man Implants 4 Magnets in Wrist to Hold iPod Nano

iPod nano watch with magnets

After Apple unveiled the new iPod nano in late 2010, we’ve seen a number of wristbands that turn the device into a wristwatch. To our knowledge, nobody decided to put magnets in their wrist to hold the iPod nano until now. According to Gizmodo, tattoo artist Dave Hurban used dermal implants to secure his iPod […]

1 in 4 iPad Owners Are First Time Apple Customers

Apple Sold 35 Million iPhones and Nearly 12 Million iPads in Q2

A new research report shows that more than a quarter of all iPad owners say the iPad is their first Apple product.  According to NPD’s “Apple Ecosystem Study,” iPad sales are accelerating and attracting technology buyers that passed on the iPhone, iPod and Mac. After just over two years on the market, the iPad will soon surpass the iPod […]