4 Tablet Keyboards Superior To The BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard

Today RIM introduced the new Bluetooth Mini Keyboard Case for the Blackberry PlayBook. Arriving months after the tablet’s release and (arguably) long after anyone still cared, this accessory aims to make the PlayBook an even better business companion. Every little bit helps, right? The slim keyboard connects via Bluetooth and features 128 bit encryption for […]

How To Enable The Kindle Fire’s International Keyboards

Kindle Fire German Keyboard

Those who love the Kindle Fire but want to surf the web or write emails in a language other than English have had to contend with the tablet’s word suggestion engine, and apparently it’s really annoying. Since there’s no way to turn it off, the next best solution is to switch to a keyboard for […]

Microsoft RearType Puts Keys on Back of Slates

reartype-back (1)

Microsoft researchers are playing with the idea of putting full QWERTY keyboards on the back of slate devices. This particular Microsoft research team is exploring ways to improve text entry on devices that typically don’t have physical keyboards. In a research report, test subjects were able to learn how to type with RearType at an […]

GBM iPad Series: Docks and Keyboards


I have to admit I was somewhat surprised when Apple began the “magical and revolutionary” tour by also announcing a keyboard dock. I mean if you’re going to transform us all into touch and go wizards, why (besides making money from those who are skeptical) would you offer a keyboard dock? That thinking was tempered […]

Keyboards going the way of the dodo?


Anyone who has used a computer has used a keyboard.  Before that, it was a typewriter.  We as a society are all familiar with keyboards.  We type on them everyday.  Its the input device of choice, combined with a mouse, to enter data into our computer and make our day productive.  Well, this is us […]

smallQWERTY keypad is not a small QWERTY keypad


Not at all sure about the specs on this device, but from its appearance, it’s a Bluetooth keyboard sporting the smallQWERTY layout from Mobience. Please note, “smallQWERTY” does not mean a small keyboard using the QWERTY layout. Rather, it uses the standard phone numeric configuration with a modified alphabetic layout based on QWERTY positioning. Basically, […]