GBM iPad Series: Docks and Keyboards


I have to admit I was somewhat surprised when Apple began the “magical and revolutionary” tour by also announcing a keyboard dock. I mean if you’re going to transform us all into touch and go wizards, why (besides making money from those who are skeptical) would you offer a keyboard dock? That thinking was tempered […]

Keyboards going the way of the dodo?


Anyone who has used a computer has used a keyboard.  Before that, it was a typewriter.  We as a society are all familiar with keyboards.  We type on them everyday.  Its the input device of choice, combined with a mouse, to enter data into our computer and make our day productive.  Well, this is us […]

smallQWERTY keypad is not a small QWERTY keypad


Not at all sure about the specs on this device, but from its appearance, it’s a Bluetooth keyboard sporting the smallQWERTY layout from Mobience. Please note, “smallQWERTY” does not mean a small keyboard using the QWERTY layout. Rather, it uses the standard phone numeric configuration with a modified alphabetic layout based on QWERTY positioning. Basically, […]