OnLive Could Be In Trouble With Microsoft Over OnLive Desktop

OnLive Desktop

It looks like OnLive, the company that specializes in cloud gaming and desktops, could be in trouble with Microsoft. Microsoft believes that OnLive Desktop violates licensing terms for both Windows 7 and Microsoft Office. OnLive Desktop is an iPad and Android app that lets users use a Windows 7 desktop along with Office and Adobe […]

Office for iPad: 5 Alternatives for the iPad

pages for ipad

Apple’s new iPad, either iPad 3, iPad 2S or iPad HD, will be out this month and many new users will hope to create documents on their shiny new tablet. We’ve heard pretty compelling rumors that Microsoft will release an iPad version of their industry standard Microsoft Office suite for the iPad. They already have OneNote […]

Microsoft Office for iPad Gets Pictured, Should Be Coming Soon

Microsoft Office for iPad

We’ve heard that Microsoft is working on Office for the iPad for months now. Today there’s proof that such an app actually exists. It’s not in the App Store just yet, but it should arrive soon. The Daily has a photo of Microsoft Office running on an iPad. Well, at least the splash screen for Office is running on […]

Windows 8 on ARM Shows Weakness, Not Strength


No support for current Windows applications. Office is still desktop-only. Windows on ARM (WOA) is a compromised “no-compromise experience” at a time when Microsoft needs to show more strength.

OnLive Desktop Hands On Video – Windows & Office for iPad

OnLive Desktop

At CES 2012 OnLive announced their new iPad app, OnLive Desktop, which brings Windows 7 and Microsoft Office to your iPad through a streaming virtual environment. It uses the same technology that allows OnLive to stream graphically rich video games to your computer or through their small set-top box. The OnLive Gaming system works well, but […]

CloudOn App Lets You Work with Your Microsoft Office Docs on the iPad


Yesterday Kevin posted about the OnLive Desktop App and service that will allow iPad users to have a virtual Windows 7 desktop on their Tablet. While CloudOn isn’t a full Windows desktop experience, instead focusing on creating and using Office documents, we are starting to see a trend here and there is even some noise […]

Rumor: Microsoft Bringing Office to iPad

Microsoft Office for iPad

iPad news magazine The Daily reports that Microsoft may be making a version of Office for the iPad that’s compatible with Office version for Windows Phone and Office365, the online version of the software. They’re saying that $10 is a likely price point, though I suspect if this is a reality it’s more likely that […]

Microsoft Apps to Come to Nokia’s Symbian Smartphones


In another example of the Nokia-Microsoft partnership, Microsoft will soon release more of its apps and services for Nokia’s Symbian-based smartphones. Called Microsoft Apps, the software suite of productivity applications will be landing on Nokia’s Symbian Anna and Belle smartphones in late 2011, which is also the same time that Nokia will be unveiling its […]

Google Cloud Connect: Google Docs Meets Microsoft Office


My friend Shan Sinha announced that Google Docs will soon be able to edit and share documents directly from Microsoft Office. If it sounds counterintuitive  to you, don’t knock it until you try it. The features are based on the code that Shan’s team wrote while running Docverse, a startup that was acquired by Google […]

Microsoft Office in a Candid Camera Like Spoof


Paging Alan Funt. Somebody decided to rig up a package of Microsoft Office with an alarm, put in on the sidewalk and see who would pick it up. The results are in the video. You know it’s not safe to pick up strange packages don’t you? Via Gizmodo

Office HUB for Windows Phone 7 looks good


Mobility Digest has a look at a short video demo of what Microsoft Office HUB for Windows Phone 7 can do. The first star of the show is one of our favorites, the oft-overlooked OneNote.

Microsoft responds to former VP, lists all their Tablet PC application


Alright, looks like Microsoft isn’t taking the criticism from their former VP lying down. They’ve fired back on their official blog and ripped Dick Brass’ take on zero Microsoft Office support for Tablet PCs with this… And in response to Dick’s comment about Tablets and Office, I’ll simply point to this product called OneNote that […]

Former Microsoft VP explains why Office sucks on Tablet PC

Former Microsoft VP Dick Brass offers an editorial on The New York Times explaining why Microsoft is declining as a leader in technology. In particular, he points to internal conflicts that wind up derailing innovation efforts, as happened back in 2001 with the Tablet PC. Another example: When we were building the tablet PC in […]

Google to Acquire DocVerse?

According to TechCrunch, Google is close to acquiring DocVerse, a company that helps people group-edit Microsoft Office documents. This isn’t a done deal, but I’m crossing my fingers since my friend Shan Sinha runs the company and I’d love to have DocVerse integrated into Google Docs. As much as I like Google Docs for collaborating […]

Bill Gates Blogs How He Uses Office and OneNote on his Tablet PC

Photo courtesy Microsoft

How does the multi-billionaire master of Microsoft make use of Microsoft Office? Mr. Gates tells all in an entry on the Inside Office Online blog. Unsurprisingly, Outlook is his major productivity tool. A man in his position must constantly be in contact and be able to coordinate among groups. Along with that, he cites SharePoint […]

Weekend Discussion: What Office Software Do You Use

We are fortunate to live in a time where there are many options to help improve how we work, help us save money, and be productive and mobile at the same time. One of those many options are in the office application space: document creation, editing, managing, collaborating, and more. What office application suite do […]