Cyber Monday Shopping Could Cost You Your Job, Shop Mobile Instead

Cyber Monday Holiday Shopping at work

*+-Cyber Monday is one of the most popular online shopping “holidays” of the year, and right now most of the American workforce is starting their holiday shopping on company time. While this trend is increasing, there are consequences, with 7% of HR managers reporting that they have fired an employee for shopping while working. If […]

Wireless Association Hopes to Standardize Ratings for Mobile Games, Apps


*+-The Wireless Association, also known as CTIA, and the Entertainment Software Rating Board are partnering together to create a standardized and unified rating system for games and apps on mobile devices. With Apple’s introduction of third-party apps through an easy-to-use centralized App Store for the iPhone, adoption of mobile software has taken off on the […]

Ubuntu Aims to Take Linux Into Smartphone, Tablets.


*+-Android, a Linux-based operating system designed for mobile, may be seeing more threat from the Linux camp soon. After Tizen, a project formerly known as MeeGo, Ubuntu, known for its desktop-based Linux implementation, will soon tackle the smartphone and tablet market and will compete against Android. The announcement is set for the Ubuntu Developer Summit […]

Microsoft’s Productivity Vision for the Future

Google Reader (707)

*+-Microsoft traditionally creates some inspiring videos of what computing will look like in the future. This one is no different. It just makes you wish it would hire the folks who do this for prototypes and future ideas to do the actual marketing stuff.

Why Smartphone Browsing Still Sucks [Comic]

xkcd server attention span

*+-Browsing on any smartphone is still a mixed experience. Yes, it is great to have access to the entire world of information on your mobile device, but even as we close out 2011, mobile browsing still sucks. Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices aren’t to blame. Though each have their own shortcomings, the problem lies on the […]

Verizon: Third Platform Will Emerge Within Next 12 Months


*+-While iOS and Android have secured their spots as the two dominant mobile operating systems today, Verizon Wireless is speculating that the third mobile platform will come in to place with a sizable lead over competitors within the next twelve months. In terms of major operating systems today in the choices we have left, there […]

Developers Start Hawking Samsung Windows 8 Tablet on eBay


*+-Just last week at the Build conference in Anaheim, California, Microsoft revealed more information about the state of Windows 8 and Windows on a tablet in a post-PC era while at the same time giving the 5,000 or so developers in attendance a free prototype Samsung tablet with Windows 8 pre-loaded running on an Intel […]

Smartphone Manufacturers, Carriers Form Coalition to Reduce Qualcomm’s Dominance


*+-Chip-maker Qualcomm, which has enjoyed dominance in the mobile industry thanks to its early investments in 2G/3G/4G wireless networking, SoC development, mobile processor work, and graphics on mobile architectures, is now attracting unwanted attention upon itself by a coalition of smartphone manufacturers and carriers. Led by Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo, a coalition that includes Fujitsu, […]

Black Friday and Holiday Shopping Mobile Trends for 2011


*+-This holiday shopping season is expected to be a big one for mobile shopping searches. Google projects that 44% of searches for last minute gifts and store location will be made from mobile devices this year, and that 15% of all Black Friday searches  will happen on a smartphone. Rather than a single peak, our […]

Mobile Workforce Trends: Productivity Knows No Bounds [Infographic]

Mobile workforce infographic - Gist

*+-We are truly a mobile workforce. While many employees still need to go in to the office to meet the demands of their employer, three out of five employees claim they can do their job without going into the office. That’s just the start, Gist, analyzed data about our mobile work habits to pull together […]

Watch Pre Season Football Free on Your Verizon Smartphone

Verizon NFL Mobile app

*+-If you have a smartphone on Verizon Wireless and like Football, then you have yet another reasons to celebrate the end of the NFL strike and start of the pre season. Right now, you can download the NFL Mobile app from Verizon to your compatible Android phone and tune in to select preseason games complete […]

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 CPUs Will Help Smartphones Replace Game Consoles


*+-We’ve already begun seeing the cannibalization of dedicated game consoles–like the Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and Sony PlayStation–thanks to the emergence of cheap games on mobile smartphones and tablets that are readily available for consumption by the casual gaming. However, as mobile hardware becomes more powerful, Qualcomm predicts that new smartphones and tablets running its forthcoming Snapdragon […]

Why a Low Cost Plastic iPhone Doesn’t Make Sense in Apple’s Lineup


*+-There are recent rumors that Apple may be looking to launch a low-cost iPhone 4 next year, perhaps replacing the scratch-resistant front and rear glass panels for plastic. However, for the Mac-maker who refused to enter the low-cost netbook space and opted to release an ultra-portable, but premium, MacBook Air instead, such a strategy would […]

Qualcomm to Ship Next-Generation 28 nm Snapdragon CPUs This Year

Qualcomm put on the gas, Krait sampled ahead of schedule, first commercial 28nm device this calendar year

*+-In the arms race of ARM-based processor, Qualcomm is increasing its research and development budget modestly and will be deploy its next-generation dual-core Snapdragon ARM-based chipset this year to manufacturers. The new chipsets will be based on a smaller 28 nm design, which would promise speed improvements while reducing the power consumption compared to today’s […]

Patent War Between Apple, Google Continues with Buying Spree for InterDigital


*+-In the mobile world, Google’s and Apple’s patent war will only get more heated as both companies are rapidly expanding their intellectual property patent libraries. The two are said to be bidders in InterDigital, along with others. InterDigital is said to be a ‘a mobile-phone technology designer,’ according to Bloomberg, and the company’s portfolio of […]

T-Mobile Adds Option for Real Name Caller ID Service for Mobile


*+-T-Mobile USA will be looking to differentiate its network and offerings to consumers by offering them an optional real name caller ID service. Caller ID on mobile today only displays a caller’s number when they call in, unless the caller’s name and information has been saved to the phone book where the cell phone can […]

Addicted To Your CellPhone? New Study Says You Aren’t Alone

Android Love

*+-Do you get antsy if you can’t take your smartphone out of your pocket and check in on your digital life? If you’re anything like me, and the college students in a study performed at Kansas State College, the answer is a resounding yes. The study looked at the “Mobile Affinity” we have for our […]