Does an iPad HD Mean iTunes HD+ Movies (Finally)?


If the iPad 3 / iPad HD gets a sweet high resolution “retina display” it would mark a really good time for Apple to also announce HD+ 1080p iTunes video. After all, with a 2048 x 1536 pixel screen users will be able to play full HD content without compromise.

Comcast Launching Android Netflix Rival


Cable TV provider Comcast is looking to expand into the streaming video subscription model that’s being led by Netflix with a service called Xfinity Streampix that may launch with Android support in the coming year. Details for the service are not yet available, but Comcast may be able to offer a competitive advantage over Netflix […]

4 Things Redbox’s Streaming Service Needs To Beat Netflix and Amazon

Redbox and Verizon Join Forces

Redbox and Verizon are hooking up to create a streaming media service to compete with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and the like. The partnership, announced today, is not well detailed to keep rivals from knowing their plans ahead of time and moving swiftly to cut them off. According to Fast Company the partners will offer a […]

Time Warner App Now Streams Cable Shows to iPhone, iPod Touch


After having released an iPad streaming app in March, Time Warner Cable is now allowing its subscribers and iPhone users to stream to their iOS smartphone and iPod Touch PMP. There are still a few restrictions for streaming, however, as you still must be on your home WiFi network–no 3G streaming is allowed yet–and the […]

OnStar Set to Debut 4G LTE Video Chat in GM Vehicles


At the Consumer Electronics Show slated for January 2012, OnStar is geared up to introduce a system that will bring video chat and streaming content to select vehicles in the General Motors fleet thanks to mobile broadband service from Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network. The new system will find home in the Chevy Volt. It’s […]

Netflix HD App Ported to Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Though Netflix is officially available on Samsung’s recently released Galaxy Nexus with a 720p HD Super AMOLED display, the official app doesn’t stream content in native 720p HD resolution. Thankfully, for pixel-discerning users, developers over at XDA-Developers have been able to port the Netflix HD streaming app to the device, though early work in porting […]

Verizon Eyeing Netflix Acquisition, Wants to Enter Streaming Market


Verizon, provider of fast fiber optics in-home FiOS TV service, is said to be seriously considering an acquisition of media streaming provider Netflix. Speculations of Verizon’s interest were delivered by Mediatech Capital partner Porter Bibb, who said that the traditional provider of phone service is serious about Netflix, or something similar. Neither Netflix nor Verizon […]

Nook Tablet Review: Loading and Playing Your Own Video

Nook Tablet

The Nook Tablet is a sweet little multimedia tablet that has access to two of the best sources of streaming video available right now. However, it currently lacks a good source for purchasing video content, meaning you’ll have to bring your own. Finding video for Android devices is a constant problem since there aren’t many […]

The Kindle Fire Will Include Netflix as an App

Amazon confirms Kindle Fire will have Netflix – New Tech Gadgets & Electronic Devices |

Interesting. In a press release timed to pump up the volume a bit about the Kindle Fire release next week, Amazon is listing a number of Apps that will appear on the device when it comes out of the box. In addition to some of the standards (Facebook, Pandora, Twitter, etc…) the Kindle Fire will […]

MotoCast Video Streaming Hands-On

MotoCast Setup

Today Motorola announced their MotoCast service which they tout as a “personal cloud.” Instead of storing your music, photos, and videos on a server somewhere, you connect your phone to a computer (or many) and stream content directly from there. No intermediary sync necessary. You can debate whether this is as useful as cloud storage, […]

iCloud Won’t Stream Movies: Hollywood’s Ultraviolet the Culprit?

Ultraviolet - Hollywood's upcoming movie cloud locker service

Just a day ahead of the iOS 5 release date that will bring with it Apple’s new iCloud service one of the glaring omissions in the new Internet-based backup, storage and sync service is video purchased through iTunes. Users will be able to download all of their apps and music purchased through iTunes, but video won’t come with it. […]

Netflix Backtracks and Kills Qwikster


Boy, things must feel like a riding a roller coaster at Netflix these days. The popular service has both garnered praise and taken hits for trying to move more towards streaming video in place of its DVD by mail business. When it announced a price change customers were not all that happy. When it announced […]

SlingPlayer for Android Honeycomb Gets Previewed


Sling Media, the maker of the Slingbox and the SlingPlayer software, has just released a demo video of its latest SlingPlayer app for Android Honeycomb tablets. SlingPlayer essentially allows a user to connect to their home TV, cable box, or satellite TV receiver and watch live TV while away on their notebooks, PCs, Macs, smartphones, […]

PlayLater Records Internet TV Like a Tivo

Play Later My Recordings screen

PlayOn turned your computer into a Internet cable box. PlayLater turns it into an Internet TV Tivo box, letting your record your favorite Internet streaming video to your Windows PC so you can enjoy the content at your own liesure, even if your computer doesn’t have an Internet connection. The application runs on a Windows […]

In-Flight Entertainment Coming To Your Tablet, Smartphone and Laptop

Southwest Airlines plans to offer Row 44 in-flight entertainment via Wi-Fi later this year

In-flight Wi-Fi is about to get a lot slower. Yesterday, in-flight entertainment company Row 44 announced that they’re about to change the nature of in-flight entertainment. No longer will passengers on planes without personal entertainment screens in seatbacks have to bring their own videos if they want to avoid the selections provided by the airline. […]

NBC, TNT and TBS Apps Stream Shows to iPad

TNT Streaming App Login

The list of live TV streaming apps just increased with the addition of NBC, TNT and TBS. Last week NBC threw its hat in the streaming ring with an app that will stream a collection of 28 of its shows to your iPad, including favorites like The Office and 30 Rock. In addition TNT and […]

Netflix Isn’t Limiting Simultaneous Streams, Error Message Is Erroneous

The erroneous error message some Netflix users saw over the weekend.

Mashable, TechCrunch, and a few other sites reported earlier today that Netflix started restricting simultaneous streaming on Instant accounts this weekend, affecting users who tried to stream a movie while another person on the same account tried to stream a different one. These restrictions have technically always been a part of the Netflix Terms of […]

Top 4G Apps for the Motorola Droid Bionic

Droid Bionic - image credit: Chad Faith

The Droid Bionic is one sweet phone — a great combination of power and speed thanks to the 4G LTE radio inside. Once you have it in your hands, which apps should you download to take advantage of all the Bionic has to offer? I have a few suggestions below, including one that will help […]