iPad Air Sale Offers $100 Gift Card at Target


Target is giving customers a $100 gift card if they purchase an iPad Air, effectively lowering the price down to as low as $399 for the flagship tablet. This is one of the best deals that we’ve seen frequently throughout the year, and while you’ll still have to pay the full $499 for the iPad […]

iPhone 6 Plus in Stock at Target

iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus has seen a lot of demand since the device’s launch over a week ago, and many stores have had the phone in very low stock. However, Target has the larger phablet-like iPhone in stock at many locations around the US. Many users on Reddit are reporting that cities in California, as […]

iPad Air Sale Offers $100 Gift Card

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 3.15.55 PM

Target is giving customers a $100 gift card if they purchase an iPad Air or an iPad mini with Retina display, effectively lowering the price to $399 for the iPad Air and $299 for the smaller Apple tablet. This is one of the best deals we’ve seen as of recently, and while you’ll still have […]

Galaxy S5 Release Date: 11 Places to Buy the Galaxy S5

Here is where to buy the Galaxy S5 on release day and what deals you can find.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date arrives on April 11th, when shoppers can head into a local store and pick up a Samsung Galaxy S5.  Shoppers don’t need to go to a carrier to buy this device, there are a leading retailers selling the galaxy S5 online and in stores starting on April 11 – […]

Galaxy S5 Price Drops to $99 or Lower with Trade at Target

Target offers a Galaxy S5 deal which cuts the price to at least $99 with a trade.

Target cut the Galaxy S5 price to $99 or lower with a new trade-in program that promises at least $100 for any smartphone that Target accepts trades on. The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date arrives Friday on multiple carriers and users looking for a Galaxy S5 deal can trade in an old phone at Target […]

iPad Mini Sale: Up to 20% Off at Target


The iPad sales keep rolling for 2014, with Target the next big store chain to offer up some enticing iPad deals. Using the store’s Cartwheel coupon service/app, shoppers have a couple of days left to save 15% off the first-generation 16GB iPad mini. Furthermore, you can save an additional 5% when you use your Target Red […]

Target Knew of Data Breach Earlier Than Reported


This is unsettling news but at the same time sadly unexpected. According to a report from BusinessWeek, officials at Target knew about the data breach that led to consumer credit card data being stolen during the most recent holiday shopping season earlier than Target has stated. If true, than it appears that the theft of […]

Company Behind Target Data Breach Exposed


Information on the Target (and other retailers) credit card data breach continues to circulate as investigations continue. Brian Krebs of Krebs on Security, who broke the initial story, is now coming forward with the name of the third party vendor who may have left Target exposed for the hackers to do their work by planting malware […]

More Credit Card Breaches Expected to Come, Says FBI

Credit Card Breach

The big story over the past couple of weeks has been the huge credit card hack on Target and Neiman Marcus, both of which suffered a breach where millions and millions of credit card numbers were stolen from the stores’ payment systems, but the FBI says that we’re just getting started. According to Reuters, the FBI […]

Neiman Marcus Hack Snares 1.1 Million but Dates of Hack are Weird

The folks at Target are probably breathing a short sigh of relief today as Neiman Marcus is grabbing the headlines about data breaches and credit card theft. Today Neiman Marcus is putting up some numbers and dates about the breach that occurred in its stores. In a update on the Neiman Marcus website it says […]

Target Data Breach May Have Extended Beyond December 15


The credit card data breach that snared Target, its customers, and banking institutions across the US during the busy 2013 holiday shopping season has been a top news and concern item since Krebs On Security broke the story. With reports of Neiman Marcus and other US retailers being caught up in the mix, the story […]

How the Target Credit Card Data Breach Worked


Consumers are certainly justifiably a bit on edge when it comes to pulling their credit or debit cards out of there wallet these days. Recent data breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus, and apparently ongoing breaches at other US retailers have come as a short sharp shock to the shopping psychology of some as each day […]

Security Firm: At Least 6 Active Cyberattacks Ongoing at US Retailers


The bad news about data security and privacy keeps coming like a bad winter. According to Reuters, security firm IntelCrawler is reporting that there are at least six ongoing cyberattacks on US retailers similar to the one that hit Target in December of 2013. IntelCrawler has alerted law enforcement, Visa, and intelligence officials at major […]

Target Offering Free Credit Monitoring After Credit Card Breach


It’s been a stressful few weeks for Target after over 100 million customers had their credit card information stolen from Target’s database during the Black Friday shopping weekend. The retail chain tried to make it up to folks by offering them a measly 10% discount on Target purchases, and now the company wants to try […]

Reuters: Other US Retailers Hit By Holiday Credit Card Data Breach


I hate to say that this news is unsurprising, but it is. Reuters is reporting tonight that during the recent holiday shopping season at least three other smaller US retailers were hit by possibly similar credit card data breaches as Target and Neiman Marcus. When news of the Neiman Marcus breach began surfacing earlier today, […]

Target Spokeswoman Says Breach Could Include Online Shoppers (UPDATED)


In the ongoing saga that surrounds the Target credit card data breach new information was delivered by Target earlier today that increased the number of customers affected from 40 million to 70 million. It was also made known that the information taken could include customer names, phone numbers, email and regular mail addresses in addition […]

2013 Story of the Year Was Data Security and Privacy


In some years the story of the year is the story of something that happened, was remarked on, and passed into history. In 2013, the big story is not only that, but a story that will be with us going forward in ways that we’re just beginning to understand and come to grips with. The […]

Target Admits PIN Data Stolen in Data Breach


There were big fears a plenty once the news broke about US Retailer Target being hit with a major data breach. Potentially 40 million customers had their data exposed during the peak of the holiday shopping season. One of those fears was that the thieves had captured not just credit card numbers and expiration dates, but […]

Target Credit Card Theft Big Topic of Holiday Conversation


Here’s hoping everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful day yesterday or has wonderful days ahead as many are still traveling to and from celebration destinations. One of the great things about any holiday season is the chance to check in with friends and family about what’s going on in their lives and what’s important […]

Target Offers Apology and 10% Discount as Stolen Cards Flood Market


I sure wouldn’t want to be an upper level employee with Target this holiday season dealing with the ramifications from the recently reported credit card theft that hit the retailer. With potentially 40 million credit card numbers stolen and reports that some of those credit card numbers are already flooding the underground market, Target is […]