US pricing for TEGA v2 leaked


Okay, “leaked” may not be the right word since it’s on Tegatech’s official TEGA v2 website, but the official launch is still two days away (after being bumped by the WinPho7 hubbub), so the order page is ahead of schedule. No surprise, importing from Australia still isn’t cheap.

Ballmer: Touch-optimized means “big buttons”


Ballmer, you disappoint me again. Yes, you know how to crush competition. No, you don’t know your product or technology the way your predecessor does, as exemplified by you saying that touch optimization means “big buttons.” Yeah, because everyone raves about the iPad having big buttons.

Fancy Fujitsu prototypes at CEATEC 2010


Fujitsu is at CEATEC 2010 this week showing off some fancy concept designs and prototypes at their booth. Among them are a couple of Windows 7 slates and this dual-screen, dual-configuration phone device, which offers a new twist on the flip phone.

Are you kidding me? No Windows tablets ’til next year?


Reporting on an analysis by Jefferies, a securities and investment firm, Business Insider posted this headline: No Microsoft Windows Tablets Until Mid-2011. Apparently some of you are reading this on a device that is a figment of your imagination.

Ballmer: Windows 7 to be on slates “When it’s ready”


In an interview with The Seattle Times, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was asked when we’ll see Windows 7 on slate devices like the iPad. I know how I would have answered. I’m sure you have your own answer as well. Let’s see how they match up with Ballmer’s response.

Onkyo releasing trio of Win 7 slates in Japan


Onkyo Japan is releasing three slates of mixed-and-matched features, each running Windows 7 Home Premium. Not quite the same device with different options, but pretty close to it. The TW117, TW217, and TW317 all use Intel Atom processors with integrated graphics and 1GB memory. The 117 and 217 both feature 10.1″ multitouch displays, but use […]

Mystery HP Slate revealer reveals more


The formerly anonymous leaker of the HP Slate revealed more in a new YouTube video. He showed us the pen, the number of fingers it can recognize, and the webcams, front and back.

Even Ars Technica doesn’t know Windows tablets


I am disappointed with Ars Technica this morning. In fairness, that’s largely because I hold the site in such high regard. As a “long form” blog, they typically deliver information that is well-researched and informed. Their analysis on the HP Slate, however, misses on a few details.

I had no idea the Ctrl-Alt-Del button was so ridiculous


Well, this is interesting. Two days after I praise Hugo Ortega for including a dedicated Ctrl-Alt-Del button on his TEGA V2, a sign of his experience with Tablet PCs and UMPCs, every hater on the Internet is bashing the HP Slate for having a dedicated Ctrl-Alt-Del button.

New Windows 7 slate pops up in Belgium


Between Steve Ballmer’s claim that Windows 7 slates will come when Intel releases Oak Trail and everyone wondering when the HP Slate will arrive, it’s easy to forget Windows 7 slates are already available with more popping up every day, including a new find in Belgium.

Microsoft’s PC vs Mac Windows 7 Promo Page Falls Flat

Screen shot 2010-08-10 at 9.06.40 AM

Microsoft published a new section on its Windows 7 micro-site yesterday and in my opinion it falls flat. The new ‘PC versus Mac’ page doesn’t have a lot to it and there’s very little substance. Are PCs better than Macs in a lot of ways? Absolutely. Unfortunately, Microsoft put very little effort into highlighting those […]

Windows 7 Slate vs. iPad on Video, What Will Consumers Choose?


Here’s a quick video comparing the Windows 7 experience on a consumer slate to the iPad. The slate in question is the Hanvon slate we first spotted at IDF 2009, which means Hanvon must’ve worked extra hard (maybe time traveled) to mimic the iPad’s design (I kid). Anyways, it’s not a surprise that the Hanvon […]

Catching up with the ExoPC Slate


On the subject of Windows 7 ui overlays, I caught a tweet from Mike Cane the other day about the ExoPC Slate, which we first noticed back in February. While not open for consumers yet, the project appears to be progressing with updated specs and a defined ui.

Macallan: an impressive Windows Phone-esque tablet UI


Touch-friendly user interfaces for Windows 7 seem to be all the rage lately. The latest is an overlay from UI Centric codenamed Macallan, which has nothing to do with Macs and looks highly reminiscent of Windows Phone 7 minus the tiles.