Survey Says Majority of Consumers Want a Windows Tab Over iPad


A study conducted by Boston Consulting Group reveals that a majority of consumers really want a Windows tab, giving Windows 8 a significant margin over its closest competitor, the iPad. Despite iPad controlling approximately 75% of the tablet market–Tim Cook announced that people are buying 3 out of every 4 tablets sold are iPads in […]

Will HTC Make a Windows 8 Tablet?


In a Twitter conversation between blog IntoMobile and industry insider Eldar Murtazin, it appears that Murtazin has some information that HTC is exploring creating a Windows 8 tablet. Though HTC has been a late-comer of the smartphone and mobile companies to launch an Android tablet–it had only debuted the HTC Flyer earlier this summer and […]

Developers Start Hawking Samsung Windows 8 Tablet on eBay


Just last week at the Build conference in Anaheim, California, Microsoft revealed more information about the state of Windows 8 and Windows on a tablet in a post-PC era while at the same time giving the 5,000 or so developers in attendance a free prototype Samsung tablet with Windows 8 pre-loaded running on an Intel […]

IDF: Intel Keeps Atom-Powered Samsung Windows 8 Tab Behind Glass


Intel had used its IDF conference in San Francisco, which was held at the same time as Microsoft’s Build conference in Southern California, to show off to attendees the potential of Intel hardware. In Southern California, Microsoft had given attendees at Build a taste of what Windows 8 would look and feel like utilizing the […]

Windows 8 Apps to Play Nice on Windows Phone


Despite maintaining two distinctly separate classes of computing products for its phones and tablets, we’re beginning to see a convergence between mobile and desktop computing where Microsoft is concerned. Not only is Windows 8 starting to look a lot like Windows Phone 7 with the Metro UI, finger-friendly and touch inspired experiences, and Live Tiles […]

Microsoft Puts Windows 8 on a Diet to Reduce Cost, Increase Efficiency


In order for tablets running Windows 8 to be able to compete effectively with slates running mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, Microsoft is making its Windows OS slimmer. According to Microsoft, Windows 8 will run fine on an Intel Atom processor and as little as 1 GB RAM, and Windows head Steven […]

Microsoft Reaches for the Sky, Touches the Cloud with Windows 8


Microsoft has ambitious hopes and dreams for Windows 8, its next computing platform that’s designed not only to compete with the rising popularity of Apple’s mobile iPad tablet and the plethora of ARM-based Android slates, but also to mark the next generation of PC computing in a post-PC world. With declining PC sales, due in […]

Samsung’s Reference Windows 8 Tablet at BUILD Comes With Intel Inside?

Image: Samsung Slate 7 Windows Tablet; courtesy of Laptoping

We had previously reported that Microsoft would debut a reference Samsung tablet design for its Windows 8 tablet at the BUILD conference slated to kick off this week, and now we’re hearing that those tablets, which may be distributed alongside beta copies of Windows 8 to developers in attendance, will be arriving with Intel chipsets. […]

Microsoft to Showcase Windows 8 on a Samsung Tablet at BUILD Conference?


Various Internet sites are reporting that Microsoft may be gearing up to give further insight into its tablet strategy with its forthcoming Windows 8 operating system at the BUILD conference for developers in Anaheim, California on Tuesday. The Redmond, Washington Windows-maker is said to be readying developer builds of the Windows 8 operating system in […]

NVIDIA: Windows 8 Tablet to Run Windows Phone 7 Apps


Despite Microsoft’s insistence in the past that the Windows Phone operating system, as its name implies, is reserved strictly for phones and that tablets are computers that requires Windows, NVIDIA’s outspoken CEO Jen-Hsun Huang spilled a major secret that the next-generation Windows 8 for tablets will be able to run apps made for Windows Phone […]

Dell Launching Windows 7-Powered Peju Tablet in October?


In addition to recently releasing Android-based tablets under its Streak brand, Dell may make a return to the Windows tablet arena with the release of a slate product in October. Codenamed the Dell Peju, Dell’s slate tablet will come with an anti-glare Gorilla Glass touchscreen that will dominate the front surface, a rubber bumper along […]

Windows 7 May Be ‘My Idea’ But Windows 8 Is All Microsoft?


Taking a departure from the Windows 7 ‘is my idea’ advertising campaign, Microsoft is doing a complete about-face with the upcoming Windows 8 product launch and is refusing to take user comments or suggestions on the next-generation OS, which was previewed for the first time at the All Things D conference as well as at […]

HP Hints Windows 8 Tablets, Rejects Android


The owner of webOS announced in an interview that it was still open to the possibility of a tablet running Microsoft’s next-generation Windows 8 platform, though HP is firmly rejecting any notion of a tablet running the rival Android mobile operating system as it has its own in-house webOS platform, which it had acquired with […]

Fujitsu TH40 Sliding PC Tablet Gets Postponed Indefinitely

Fujitsu postpone the sales of its new TH40D Tablet in Japan

Fujitsu’s TH40, the company’s answer to the Samsung Slider 7 shown at CES, is now postponed indefinitely without much explanations. The company is only citing development delays as the cause of the problem, but it’s unclear what these delays entail. The Fujitsu TH40 is another form factor for a netvertible with a tablet touchscreen on […]

Windows 8 Tablets: Microsoft Hosts a Game of Musical Chairs, But Will Taiwan Be Left Standing Alone?


As part of the company’s strategy to not only accelerate development of its forthcoming Windows 8 operating system, but also to ensure that everything works according to plan, Microsoft had implemented an Integrated Development Program consisting of PC and tablet-makers as well as chip companies. The Apple-like approach to restrictions to ensure a better, tightly […]

Toshiba Hasn’t Left the Windows Tablet Market Just Yet


Despite rumors that Toshiba may have killed off its Windows 7 slate, the company has proven naysayers wrong with a debut of an 11.6-inch Windows-powered tablet at the Computex trade show in Taiwan. The tablet, model WT310/C, is slated for the Japanese market and would run on Intel’s Oak Trail processor platform. It’s unclear if […]

How Microsoft is Trying to Enhance the Windows Tablet User Experience


Microsoft has found itself struggling to remain competitive in the tablet PC market that it helped to usher in with limited success and is now being dominated by market-leading Apple iPad. The Redmond, Washington software giant is trying to change course, and perhaps take an Apple approach into trying to control the hardware and software […]

Toshiba Kills off Plans for Windows 7 Slate, Chromebooks?


Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Toshiba had shown off a concept device that runs Windows 7 on an Intel Atom processor and utilizing a similar hardware form factor to its Android 3.0 Honeycomb Toshiba Thrive tablet. However, since CES, it looks like this concept Windows tablet will remain just that–a concept. Toshiba […]