Xbox One Owners with Faulty Systems Will Get a Free Game


After reports over the weekend that numerous Xbox One consoles were experiencing disc drive failures, Microsoft has announced that it will replace these faulty consoles free of charge and will also give the owners a free Xbox One game for their troubles: either Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome or Zoo Tycoon. […]

How To Prepare For An Xbox One Arrival

The Xbox One release date starts at midnight.

We’re now only hours away from the Xbox One, Microsoft’s next-generation entertainment console, hitting store shelves. Across the country users who pre-ordered – and those who didn’t – are lining up to be among the first to get their hands on the console’s upgraded graphics, controller and upgraded Kinect sensor. Before you head to your […]

Here’s How To Watch the Xbox One Release Parties

xbox one

There are just hours left until Microsoft launches the Xbox One, and the company is billing the event as its biggest launch yet. That being said, users waiting to pick up their pre-orders at the local electronics retail store don’t necessarily need to miss all the of that action. Here’s how to watch the Xbox […]

Xbox One Gets Dissected, Reveals Replaceable Hard Drive


Following the dissection of the PlayStation 4 last week, the Xbox One is getting its turn on the surgical table by the folks at iFixit, and much like Sony’s gaming system, Microsoft’s console is fairly easy to take apart. All it takes is a bit of prying to take off the side grille and then […]

Microsoft To Deliver YouTube App in time for Xbox One Release

YouTube on Xbox ONe

The Xbox One, Microsoft’s next-generation entertainment system, will launch with a native YouTube experience after all. Microsoft shared the surprise news in a blog post on Xbox Wire this afternoon. Noting that the unannounced application would be in the Xbox Store in time for users to download it on launch day. Unfortunately, it seems that […]

Microsoft Says Lack of Xbox One Storage Management Feature is a Feature

We could see some problems on the Xbox One release date.

Until now, industry insiders had assumed that Microsoft’s Xbox One console would allow users to simply and easily manage what is stored on its 500GB hard drive. However, new reports have confirmed that isn’t the case, and a statement released by Microsoft is effectively declaring the lack of a storage management feature a feature itself. […]

Best Buy Opening Early for Xbox One Release

best buy on apple ipad air launch morning

Best Buy will open its stores two hours early to celebrate the Xbox One release this Friday. The United States largest electronics retailer announced the move this morning, via a press release that also indicated the company would have plenty of controllers, games and other accessories for the Xbox One Release. Opening its stores early […]

Microsoft Claims to be ‘Overloaded’ with Xbox One Launch Games

Users will be able to purchase Call of Duty Ghosts for the Xbox 360 and then trade it later for a version for the Xbox One.

If there’s anything Microsoft wants buyers of its Xbox One console to take away from its pre-release public relations push, it’s that users can expect a steady stream of games during the console’s first year on the market. Head of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer talked up the company’s upcoming portfolio of titles during an interview […]

Xbox One Reviews Are In: Good, but Not Great


The Xbox One is nearing its official launch date on November 22, and just a couple days before the big event, reviews of the new console are flowing in. Overall, many reviewers say that it’s a good console from Microsoft, but it still needs a lot of work before it can be great. In fact, […]

Xbox One Release Date Pre-Orders Still Available from Amazon

You can still order an Xbox One release date console from Amazon, starting early Wednesday morning.

The Xbox One release date is Friday and while the Xbox One Day One edition is hard to find it isn’t impossible to sneak in a final Xbox One Pre-Order with a promised Xbox One release date delivery. Most retailers stopped taking Xbox One pre-orders last month, but Amazon is running a special Xbox One […]

5 Xbox One Features You’ll Love

Microsoft Xbox One Ad

Despite what you may or may not have heard, Microsoft Xbox One isn’t a next-generation gaming console. Instead of only focusing on video games, Microsoft has managed to pack so many features into the Xbox One that it should be called what it is: a next-generation entertainment console. It’s because the Xbox One can be […]

Should I Trade in my Xbox 360 for an Xbox One?

GameStop has gamers covered if they can't wait for the Xbox One release date to play the latest games.

There are just days left until Microsoft’s Xbox One console arrives on store shelves. While there is a large group of users who will come to this device without ever having played with an Xbox before, there’s an bigger group of users who have. It’s these users that have likely purchased dozens of games, spent […]

Microsoft Shares More Details About Twitch on Xbox One

Twitch on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One will allow Twitch users to record and share their own gameplay via the social network, but it won’t let them do it live like Sony’s PlayStation 4. That’s according to Microsoft, who shared more details about Twitch for the Xbox One in a post on Xbox Wire. While it’s unlikely that users […]

Xbox One Launch Title Reviews Hit As Launch Inches Closer

Early reviews haven't been too kind about Crimson Dragon.

With just a few sun rises left until Microsoft begins its Xbox One entertainment console, users are understandably excited. Today marks the first wave of reviews for the Xbox One’s launch titles, and if the review scores of those games are any indication, the first batch of games for the Xbox One may be a […]

Fully Browsable: Microsoft Talks Features for IE on Xbox One

IE on Xbox

With better support for multi-tab browsing, multitasking and more web standards, Microsoft seems to be bringing the browser wars to the living room with the Xbox One. Microsoft fully detailed Internet Explorer on Xbox One in a blog post on Xbox Wire today. Starting with the Xbox One’s launch next week, users can expect to […]

Xbox 360 Back on Top as the Best-Selling Console in the US


The PS4 launched to the public today, but Microsoft is attempting to steal some of that thunder by announcing that the Xbox 360 is back on top as the best-selling console in the US for the month of October. The console was kicked from the podium by the PS3 after sitting atop the market for […]

Must Watch Video: This Is How Fast the Xbox One Starts Up

xbox one on demonstration

Users picking up the Xbox One, Microsoft’s next-generation entertainment console, won’t just get the ability to completely control their experience without a remote. The console will also have low-level standby functionality that will allow it to boot up quickly when users utter “Xbox, on.” How quickly can it boot up? As a new video demonstration […]

Xbox One Release Date Delivery, Day One Upgrades Arrive from Amazon


Amazon is upgrading Xbox One pre-orders to the special Day One Edition with an even better upgrade, delivery on the Xbox One Release date. Like many I ordered an Xbox One at Amazon and, due to my late order, Amazon notified me that it would ship around January 2nd. I didn’t expect to get the Day […]

Xbox One Retail Units Arrive Two Weeks Ahead of Schedule

The Xbox One home screen.

A hundred or so very lucky users will receive their Xbox One two weeks before the console is set to actually go on sale. A few users who placed pre-orders for the standard edition Xbox One console with Target began receiving their shipments on Friday. While it seems many users kept the early arrival to […]