Microsoft has no tablets… not counting Tablet PCs and UMPCs


The double hit of news that both Courier and the HP Slate are not on the schedule has led to rampant speculation about where this leaves Microsoft now that they have NO tablet prospects. None, zero, zilch, not a tablet to their name according to the reports. Excuse me while I scream.

JooJoo Wants to Add 3G and USB Support


The folks at FusionGarage may not be able to sell a lot of Tablets but they have some spunk, you have to give them that. They’re announcing that they are working on a 3G model for this summer. They are also looking to add USB support for mass storage, which sorta, kinda hints that the […]

Thoughts on Broken Tablet Dreams

Textured Tablet

Yesterday afternoon and evening brought news that rocked many readers here at GBM. Reports (still unconfirmed) that HP is canceling the slate and that Microsoft is dropping the Courier project (confirmed) have been greeted with some anguish as well as some shoulder shrugs. There have even been a few raspberries. Apple fan boys (and others) […]

HTC Incredible review round up available

HTC Incredible

The new HTC Incredible is available today from Verizon Wireless.   This looks like it will be the next “IT” phone, right behind the Google Nexus One and the iPhone. What makes the Incredible so incredible? Lets look at some specs: 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor Android 2.1 operating system HTC Sense UI (updated) 8 MP […]

HP Killing the Slate? TechCrunch Thinks So


Here we go again. This time it is TechCrunch reporting that HP is killing off the infamous HP Slate. This report from former Tablet maker wanna-be Michael Arrington himself says it comes from “a source that has been briefed on the matter.” So there’s no confirmation like today’s earlier news on the canceling of the […]

Gizmodo Reporting Microsoft is Canceling Courier


According to a Gizmodo report, Microsoft is canceling the Courier Tablet project. Gizmodo apparently confirmed the is with Microsoft as quoted below. We contacted Microsoft, who confirmed that Courier will not go into production. Microsoft Corporate VP of Communications Frank Shaw told us: At any given time, we’re looking at new ideas, investigating, testing, incubating […]

Thoughts on Flash Don’t Matter


Today, Steve Jobs published his thoughts on Flash, specifically the six reasons why it isn’t supported by the iPhone OS. It’s nothing new, pretty much a summary of all the reasons previously cited, but ultimately, the party really keeping Flash from running on the iPhone has been Adobe.

Steve Jobs Tells Why Flash is Not His Cup of Tea


Steve Jobs has written a long missive explaining his reasoning on why Flash isn’t going to be on the iPhone/iPad platform. He lays out some history and then some technical and business reasons why Apple has taken the stance it has taken. Although it can be argued that this issue is quickly becoming one that […]

Why don’t people know what a SIM card looks like?


AT&T has been stamping out new SIM cards supporting all the current form factors, including micro-SIM. BGR has the best photo I’ve seen, courtesy of the crassamatic soundwave9. I am baffled, however, at the number of bloggers and commenters who don’t seem to know what they’re looking at.

Possible Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 announcement May 20th?


The Google I/O conference is coming up in May, and there is a chance of a big announcement, a la Steve Jobs style. What is the buzz about?  The new version of Android, 2.2 and the new version of Adobe Flash 10.1, both to be announced on May 20th. Why the 20th? Well, on the […]

Jon Stewart Skewers Apple on the Stolen iPhone Caper

Jon Stewart Rips Into Apple Over Lost iPhone Debacle. That’s Going To Leave A Mark.-1

When a story jumps over into the realm of Jon Stewart, SNL, Steve Colbert, etc… you know it has become something of a cultural touchstone, or perhaps a turning point. Jon Stewart took on Apple last night and as usual, he savages with great delight. Apple, AT&T, the entire Apple experience, and well, just about […]

Acer Getting Ready to Roll Out MIDs


Yahoo News is reporting that Acer is getting ready to roll out a series of Mobile Internet Devices (MID) by the end of May. Except for saying that the devices will feature version 4.0 of Acer’s Shell User Interface and that the devices will feature 3G connectivity and be able to share data, Acer wasn’t […]

HP Buys Palm


So, what does $1.2 billion buy you these days? How about a legendary tech company that is on the ropes but has what quite a few folks think is a great bit of software in its mobile operating system. It also allows you to shake up the mobile and connected device sector. HP and Palm […]

Some suggestions for Urbanspoon’s iPad interface


I was lured into reading a post on TechCrunch about Urbanspoon’s new iPad app. The author calls it “beautiful” but I’m inclined to agree with some of the commenters that it’s nothing special. However, since that’s hardly constructive criticism, I thought I’d go a step further and offer some advice drawn from my years of […]

T-Mobile changing their way to handle data overages


For any of you T-Mobile webConnect users who went over your 5GB monthly allocation (for those on the 5GB monthly plan), you are in luck. T-Mobile is changing how you will be charged for those overages.   Until recently, T-Mobile webConnect users paid a per/megabyte fee for going over that  5GB cap. This can cause some […]