Motorola Atrix 3 Release Date on AT&T Gets Closer

The Motorola Atrix 3 release date has gotten closer on AT&T.


The device, according to UnwiredView, has shown up in the Bluetooth SIG which means the Atrix 3 has gotten closer to launching on AT&T’s high speed 4G LTE network. This doesn’t guarantee a launch this month but it definitely makes it seem like the carrier might launch in next month in July.

AT&T’s Motorola Atrix 3, also known as the Motorola Qinara, has also been approved by the FCC so it should be only a matter of time before we see an official announcement.

The device itself remains shrouded in mystery though.


It appears though that the smartphone will be AT&T’s version of the Motorola Droid RAZR HD. It will feature 4G LTE connectivity, a 720p HD display and it apparently has Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on board as well. The device has leaked out in a press image and it appears that it will have MotoBlur over Android as well.


That image can be seen below.

The press image lists a date of July 26th, so it’s certainly possible that we could see the phone launch on or around that date next month. That might seem like a long shot to some, but manufacturers and carriers have been known to do that in the past.

As for pricing, AT&T has started making its 4G LTE devices affordable and we expect the pricing of the Atrix 3 to be no different. The Motorola Atrix 2 had a solid $99.99 price point and we could see the carrier do the same thing with the Atrix 3.

Stay tuned.