Facebook for iPhone Will Greatly Improve Next Month

Facebook will reportedly launch a major update for its Facebook for iPhone app that will address speed issues that users have been having.


According to the New York Times blog Bits, Facebook will release a completely rebuilt iPhone application next month that will be all about speed. The application itself, the user interface and the features, will remain the same.

Facebook users have long complained about the issues that the iPhone application has from crashing to freezing to bugs but it appears that Facebook has listened and that the application will greatly improve once the new software rolls out in July.

The report claims that the update makes the software “blazing fast” which seems to bode well for those that extensively use the application but have to deal with its issues on a daily basis.

The Facebook for iPhone app has its issues.


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Facebook is apparently testing the update to the Facebook for iPhone app right now and it’s on schedule to be released next month to consumers.

So while it’s redesigned for speed, the application will still look exactly the same as it does now.

Facebook has apparently ditched HTML5 for many of the software’s features and instead has built the app using Objective-C. The current version of the application is essentially  “an Objective-C shell with a Web browser inside.” That translates to, according to the report, “the engine of a Smart Car in the body of a Ferrari.”

That will change with the new build.


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Right now, the application sits on the iOS App Store with 38,000 ratings from users. Of those ratings, 21,000 are one star reviews meaning the application has a long way to go before it sits well with customers.

We can only hope that July’s update is, in fact, able to do that.