Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi Review: One Price, All Devices

Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi is an essential travel tool for users who need to stay connected while traveling, delivering a reliable and snappy Internet connection on many flights.

In-flight Wi-Fi is rarely found on the planes I travel out of the Midwest, but on return flights it is routinely available. After wrapping up a week in San Francisco, I needed to get a jump-start on emails and posts that couldn’t wait.

Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi is $9.99 per flight, though some shorter flights drop the cost and smartphone or tablet options are available at rates around $7.

Gogo Speed & Reliability

This is my first time using Gogo, and I’m very pleased with the price, reliability and speed.

According to the Speedtest.net app, the Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi provides .58mbps down and .27mbps up. These speeds aren’t going to win any awards for fastest connectivity on the ground, but at 35,000 feet, they are more than adequate. The service does not allow for VoIP calls or video chat. I was able to watch a short YouTube video, but I would not plan to watch anything on Hulu or Netflix.


While connected I wrote about Verizon Share Everything plans, an article that I wouldn’t be able to complete without access to our past coverage and current plan offerings.

The connection was reliable, though it did hang up on a few occasions. These issues were not significant enough to detract from the value of Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi.

Multiple Devices

One of the best features is the ability to use another device later in the flight. I started using Gogo on my MacBook Air, but shortly after I got started, the person in front reclined so far that working on the MacBook Air was nearly impossible. From here, I switched to my iPad.

Gogo doesn’t allow multiple devices to connect at the same time, which is a shame. However it does allow users to sign out from a laptop and log in on a phone or tablet. The switching process was seamless and a pleasant added value.

Room for Improvement

The biggest complaint I have about the service is that the price is only limited to a single flight, not both legs of a connecting flight. In minutes, I land in Dallas, where this connection will end, but if I want to use Wi-Fi on the second portion of the flight, I will need to buy another session.

There are monthly passes, but for users like me, who travel sporadically these are not a good option.

Josh Smith is Editor of GottaBeMobile and Notebooks.com. He's always looking for ways to help you get the most of your gear and loves to talk about tech on radio and TV. Josh uses an iOS and Android devices as well as Mac and Windows Computers. Josh Smith on Google+ Email: [email protected]


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  2. I used this on a recent flight. HORRIBLE. Both directions to and from my destination were horrible. I called and got half of my money back. I was trying to open simple web pages and it took around 2 minutes per page. No streaming or anything like that. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

    • Do not sign up for the one month program, in fact don’t sign up for any plan. Once you do they will bill your credit card without signing up and they can’t, so they say, take off the charge. It is the scam of highest proportions and I am surprised the airlines allow it with their best customers.

  3. Gogo Inflight is a rip off. They will charge your credit card every month, but they will not send you an email notice. Then, when you discover the charges one your credit card statement (three months later), they will make it a royal pain in the ass for you to cancel the service. You can only cancel via chat window. They will not send a confirmation when you cancel.

    Moreover, they will claim (when you want to cancel) that GoGo charges are “non-refundable”. Therefore, once you’ve been charged for the month in advance, they will refuse to credit back the charges for the service that you haven’t used.

    Also keep in mind that their is no customer service phone number. Billing disputes, technical support, and other inquiries must all be handled via “chat” window on-line.

    This service is a snare and a delusion.

  4. It is rare that I get the displeasure of working with a horrible company, and GoGo is just that. You guarantee payment, they take it right away, but if their hardware fails, that’s not their problem, it’s yours and mine.

  5. The automatic monthly billing is not clearly laid out when you purchase and they don’t refund it when you notice they charged your credit card for another month. Add it to the long list of unscrupulous companies that use this business model.

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