Hands-On With Monster Inspiration Headphones

Monster is moving away from the Beats-branded headphones and is moving towards its own brand. The Inspiration is Monster’s first flagship headphone lineup without a celebrity name attached.

Unlike Beats which focused on bass-heavy hip hop music, Monster tuned the  nspiration headphones for more balance so users can expect an accurate sound no matter which genre of music they listen to. Like the Beats headphones, the Inspiration come in both active and passive noise cancellation models. Although, Monster finally found a way for the active pair to still work even when the batteries run out.


Monster is also trying to market the Inspiration headphones as a fashion accessory that users can change at will. The design looks very nice, and feels great both in the hand and over the ears as well. The colored headbands of the device are replaceable so users can match the headband to their mood or outfit, should they want to. We doubt every user will find themselves changing the headbands often, but it’s an interesting feature.

Of course, all the nice design is useless if the headphone don’t sound good. Fortunately, in my few minutes with the headphones, I was very impressed with the sound. I expected to hear a very bass-heavy sound despite Monster’s claims, but I was wrong. The sound is very well-balanced, even when listening to bass-heavy electronic music. I’d need more time to get a better feel for the sound, but I was very impressed with what I heard.


The active noise cancellation versions of the Monster Inspiration headphones are available in stores now for $349.95. They’re not cheap, but high-end consumer headphones rarely are.