Hands On With Monster Clarity HD Micro

Ever since the debut of the Jambox, small Bluetooth speakers are the new must have accessory. Not one to let an opportunity for branded audio gear pass by, Monster is giving the portable Bluetooth speaker market a go.


The Monster Clarity HD Micro is the company’s second attempt at making a Bluetooth speaker. The company’s previous attempt was a small plastic device that had a tendency to bounce around tables because of the bass from the speakers. The new device is still made of plastic, but it has a much nicer design that won’t bounce around tables.

The new design looks very sleek in both black and white, and has replaceable speaker grills so users can mix and match. It also comes with a strap so users can carry it around easily.

The sound of the Clarity HD Micro lives up to the nice design. Monster built AAC and apt-X support into the Micro so it can produce the best sound possible from supported devices. Apple iOS devices use AAC, while Android devices like the HTC One X use apt-X. The results are very impressive.


The sound is hard to hear in loud open areas like a show floor, but it can easily fill a small room. Surprisingly, the device sounds as good, if not better, than many iPhone speaker docks. I didn’t test many songs, but the few songs I did listen to sounded great.


The Micro also has some basic voice functionality which lets users pause music, skip songs, and answer phone calls through voice. There aren’t many options, but the few options there are seem useful and responsive.

The Monster Clarity HD Micro will come to stores soon with a suggested price of $229.95, though it will likely sell for less than that at third party retailers.