Verizon Galaxy S III Release Date Confirmed as July 10th

Verizon will finally receive the Samsung Galaxy S III on July 10, just a few weeks after the phone launched on the other big four U.S. carriers.


Unlike other carriers, Verizon will offer two storage options for the Galaxy S III. The 16GB model will sell for $199.99, while the 32GB model will sell for $50 more at $249.99. Both prices are for two-year contracts. Both capacities will be available online on July 10. Verizon retail stores will carry the 16GB model on the same day, though the 32GB version won’t make it to retail for a few weeks.

Like other U.S. versions of the Galaxy S III, the Verizon model packs a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and 2GB of RAM. The phone ships with Android 4. Ice Cream Sandwich, though Samsung said it will announce Jelly Bean upgrades in the near future. Although, given Verizon’s history of updating the Galaxy Nexus, users will probably have to live with ICS for a while either way.


Users who don’t want to wait for July 10 to buy the phone can pre-order it online now. Pre-ordering is probably a good idea for users who know they want the phone. Other carriers had to delay their pre-orders and in-store releases because of high demand. As the top carrier in the U.S. Verizon might face similar problems.


There is a chance, however, that Verizon is releasing the phone late to avoid such delays. Either way pre-ordering is the best way to get the phone on launch date, and ordering online is the only way to get the 32GB model for a few weeks, anyway.

When it’s released on July 10 the Galaxy S III should take the title of best Android smartphone on Verizon. It’s more powerful than the Galaxy Nexus and RAZR MAXX, and has some interesting software features. The Galaxy Nexus will likely receive Jelly Bean first, and the RAZR MAXX still has the best battery, however.