Verizon Droid DNA Release Date: What Not to Expect

The phablet wars are about to heat up next week when HTC and Verizon host a joint event in New York City on November 13th, an event where the companies will more than likely announce a new Droid device called the Droid DNA. The Droid DNA will be matched up against the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon’s network. And while we think we know when consumers can expect Verizon to release the Galaxy Note 2, the Droid DNA release date is still unclear.


Verizon has already announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and its 5.5-inch display for its 4G LTE network. It will be shipping out to pre-orderers by November 27th and a leaked document indicates that it will likely be hitting shelves on November 29th.

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It will face competition from the LG Intuition, another Verizon phablet, when it arrives but it’s looking like the HTC Droid DNA will be giving it its stiffest competition when it arrives. That’s because the Droid DNA will not only have the Droid-branding, but because it looks to offer some impressive hardware.



The HTC Droid DNA will be launching in 2012. It’s just a matter of when.


The Droid DNA is rumored to include a 5-inch display, possibly sporting full HD 1080p resolution, a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8MP camera, and likely, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It’s an impressive device and one that could certainly give the Galaxy Note 2 some competition. But when might consumers expect it, and what, should they expect from the release date itself?

We’ve already taken a look at what to expect from the Droid DNA release date and now it’s time to take a look at what consumers shouldn’t expect from the Droid DNA release date which may be announced with the device next week.

Concrete Details

Verizon has a penchant for holding Android manufacturers hostage while it figures out release date details, case in point, the Galaxy Note 2. And while we think it logical for HTC and Verizon to reveal the exact release date on November 13th, it’s possible that Verizon will refrain from providing a Droid DNA release date next week instead opting for something vague.

That may be because it doesn’t want to take the wind out of the Galaxy Note 2 release or because the release is far enough away that it hasn’t determined an exact date for thr Droid DNA.

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So, if there are only vague details next week, expect Verizon to announce the release date closer to the actual date itself. If there is a pre-order, look for the shipping dates to reveal a possible window.

With Verizon, it’s never easy.

Release Date Beyond Early December

With a launch date set for next week and rumors swirling about an early December release date, there is no reason to believe that it will be released at any point beyond the beginning part of December. This will set HTC and Verizon up nicely for holiday sales and really, sales into the new year.

At this point, the most credible information we’ve seen is from evleaks who claimed that the device would be arriving in early December, something we thought to be the case before the leak.


So, at this point, we’d expect a release date by early December.

November 29th

November 29th is likely the release date for the Galaxy Note 2 and we highly doubt that Verizon would launch the devices on the same exact day. Yes, it’s certainly a possibility but Verizon likes to space Android launches out and we expect it to do the same here with these competing phablet devices.


So don’t expect the Droid DNA to be released on November 29th, if it even launches in November at all.


A Need to Pre-Order

We don’t expect consumers to have to pre-order this phone ahead of its release date. Yes, it’s a Droid device and yeah, it might have a 1080p display, but it’s also competing against the Galaxy Note 2 in a smartphone space that is still niche. These massive devices, believe it or not, don’t appeal to everyone.

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So, while we do expect HTC and Verizon to put this device up for sale early, we don’t feel like customers are going to have to take advantage of it like they would for the iPhone 5 or even the Galaxy S3.