Kindle Fire Update Makes It Safe to Let Kids Play


An Amazon Kindle Fire update just dropped from Amazon that will make parents rejoice thanks to new parental controls. Previously on a Kindle Fire, younglings could buy movies, books and apps as well as order thousands of pretty much anything they wanted from Amazon. Only you wouldn’t know till you got your shocking email with […]

Refurbished Kindle Fire Available for $139 at Amazon

Refurbished Kindle Fire Available for $139 at Amazon

On the heels of news that retail giant Target will begin phasing Amazon’s Kindle products out of its stores comes word that Amazon is once again offering refurbished models of its popular Android tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire, for a mere $139. This is a pretty incredible deal for those looking to get their hands […]

Draw Something Arrives for Kindle Fire

Draw Something Arrives for Kindle Fire

Yesterday brought good news for Amazon as its Kindle Fire reportedly now makes up over half of the Android tablet market. Today, there is good news for those Kindle Fire owners as Draw Something, the extremely popular game from OMGPOP, is now available on the Amazon Appstore, This means that Kindle Fire owners can finally […]

Kindle Fire is Half The Android Tablet Market


The Amazon Kindle Fire accounts for half of the Android tablet market just five months after its release according to comScore.  The Kindle Fire represented 54.4% of the Android tablet market as of February 2012 according to Comscore. The entire Samsung Galaxy Tab family comes in second with 15.4%, while the Motorola Xoom holds just 7% of the Android […]

Buyer’s Guide: Pick The Perfect 7-inch Tablet Under $250

With the release of the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 there is now four great 7-inch Android tablets on the market that cost $250 or less. This is great news for consumers on a budget but does create a problem: which one should you buy? It’s not just a matter of picking the least expensive, you […]

Kindle Fire vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)

Kindle Fire vs Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

With the introduction of the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Samsung has entered the low-cost tablet space with an excellent entrant. Priced at $249, it’s only $50 more than the $199 Kindle Fire from Amazon. The price alone is enough to tempt many users, but $50 is a significant gap when budgets are tight. Is the Galaxy Tab 2 worth the $50 premium?

How to Watch Your Own Video on Kindle Fire


If you own a Kindle Fire, then you know it’s really easy to watch video you rented or purchased from Amazon using the video tab on the home page. But how do you watch your own videos? Maybe you made a great MP4 video of your family vacation or kid’s soccer game you want to […]

Kindle Fire vs. iPad 3rd Gen


The first reviews are in and it looks like the new iPad 3rd gen is a hit. Though it doesn’t represent a huge upgrade over the iPad 2, the upgrades it did get make it an even better tablet. (Read: New iPad Review Roundup) But do they make it the best tablet for you? Different […]

SlingBox Pro-HD Review: Bring Your TV With You

Sling Box Pro HD

The SlingBox Pro-HD along with the collection of SlingPlayer apps does a decent job of streaming your home TV content to your Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android device or laptop. Unlike cable TV apps, which restrict use to your house and to specific cable companies, the SlingBox Pro-HD works anywhere you have an Internet […]

How to Backup and Erase Your Kindle Fire


Maybe you got a Kindle Fire and aren’t that crazy about it. You want to sell the thing, give it away or return it to Amazon or the store where you bought it. It could be you just want to start over and remove all the free Amazon App Store of the day apps, documents […]

Amazon Takes on the iPad in New Kindle Ad

Amazon Kindle Fire

Over the last couple of months, Samsung has produced a number of advertisements that have taken shots at Apple, its fans and its products. And now, it appears that Amazon has joined the fray with a new Kindle ad that takes shots at Apple’s iPad while touting the benefits of the company’s Kindle e-reader and […]

SlingPlayer Comes to Kindle Fire


The SlingBox offers a great way to enjoy TV viewing on mobile devices or via the web and Sling Media announced this week that the SlingPlayer app is available for the Amazon Kindle Fire as well. We recommend it as one of the best ways to watch the Super Bowl while on the go, if […]

Pad & Quill Fire Keeper: A Beautiful Kindle Fire Case

Fire Keeper

If you have a Kindle Fire, then you owe it to yourself to take a look at the beautiful Kindle Fire Keeper, a case from Pad & Quill. Pad & Quill cases protect your iPad, eBook reader,  computer or iPhone with a touch of class giving users a classic book-like experience even though they’re holding a very […]

Amazon Makes Money Off Of Kindle Fire Owners, Not Device Sales (Duh)

Kindle Fire Ecosystem

A few months ago iSuppli did a teardown of the Kindle Fire and surmised that the tablet costs about $202 to make, which is $3 more than the company charges consumers. Ever since then everyone has dutifully repeated the meme that Amazon is selling the Fire at a loss. Except: they’re not. First, there’s more […]

Video: Android 4.0 on the Kindle Fire


If you’ve been waiting to see Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich fired up on Amazon’s Kindle Fire, today is your lucky day. Liliputing has released an extensive video walkthrough of the software, in a very buggy state, on Amazon’s $199 tablet and it gives us a fantastic look at Google’s latest and greatest software. Keep […]

How To Set Up Your New Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Did you get a Kindle Fire for the holidays? Awesome! You have your hands on one of the most popular multimedia machines right now and I’m sure you’re ready to get started. If you’re unsure what to do beyond the basics (or are a little unclear on the basics), we’ve got you covered. I’ll walk […]

20 Must Have Apps for the Kindle Fire


The Amazon Kindle Fire flew off store shelves and Amazon’s warehouses since its launch last month, and should be one hot gift this holiday season. If you got a Fire or hope to be getting one for Christmas, then be sure to download these apps after you tear open the box. Our staff came up […]

Kindle Fire and Young Children: Not A Good Match?


The Amazon Kindle Fire should not be left in the control of your kids… unless you want them running up your credit card bill and don’t mind them viewing soft-core pornography. Ryan Kim of Gigaom made this point in a post about parental controls and the Kindle Fire. Imagine this: you pull out your Kindle […]