iPhone 5 to Be ‘Mother of All Upgrades’?

Analyst: iPhone 5 Will Be 'Mother of All Upgrades'

There has been much speculation about Apple’s next iPhone, currently dubbed iPhone 5, and it appears that at least one analyst seems to think that the next iPhone model will be feature a big hardware upgrade from Apple’s current iPhone, the iPhone 4S. According to 9to5Mac, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says that the next […]

iPhone Launches on Five New U.S. Carriers

iPhone Launches on Five Regional U.S. Carriers

Apple’s iPhone is now available on five new regional carriers in the United States. Earlier this month, several small U.S. carriers revealed that on April 20th, they would begin to offer several different versions of the iPhone. And today, as expected, nTelos, Alaska Communications, Appalachian Wireless, GCI, and Cellcom have begun offering the iconic smartphone. […]

iPhone Still Dominates Android at Verizon

iPhone Remains Dominant on Verizon

Verizon has announced its first quarter earnings today and revealed that it activated 3.2 million iPhones during the quarter, a decline from the 4.3 million that it activated in Q4 of 2011, but a number that still represents over half of the carrier’s smartphone sales. The decline in iPhone sales can likely be attributed to […]

Max Payne for iPhone and iPad Now Available

Max Payne for iPhone and iPad Now Available

As expected, the original Max Payne has arrived on Apple’s iOS App Store and is now available to owners of the iPhone and Apple’s tablet, the iPad. The game comes courtesy of Rockstar Games, the same company that makes Grand Theft Auto III, and it will cost iOS owners a mere $2.99 to download. An […]

AT&T Employees Still Recommend iPhone Over Lumia 900

Lumia 900

AT&T has said that the recent launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone will be its biggest smartphone launch ever. The carrier is promoting the phone heavily with ads in stores and its website, and Nokia and Microsoft have spent a lot of money in advertising. However, it seems AT&T employees didn’t get the […]

What a 4-Inch iPhone 5 Might Look Like

What a 4-Inch iPhone 5 Might Look Like

Analyst Brian White from Capital Markets earlier today stated that he expects Apple to bump up the screen size of the next iPhone to 4-inches. This sparked quite a bit of conversation which has culminated in a beautiful render of what a 4-inch iPhone might look like should it ever arrive. The render comes from […]

iPhone Shutter Grip Makes Mobile Photography Easier

iPhone Shutter Grip

The iPhone 4/4S is great for taking quick photos, but sometimes it is difficult to take the pictures quickly with the onscreen buttons. The iPhone Shutter Grip alleviates that problem by adding a shutter button to the phone. The iPhone Shutter Grip, as mentioned by Cult of Mac, is an add-on that connects to the 30-pin […]

Why I Want a 4-Inch iPhone

Why I Want a 4-Inch iPhone

Earlier today, Capital Markets’ Brian White stated that the next iPhone will use a radically different, unibody design and that it would also sport a larger, 4-inch display. And then, like with any Apple rumor, especially one about the iPhone, quite a bit of chatter started to occur. One of the loudest voices was a […]

How to Unlock the iPhone on AT&T

How to Unlock Your iPhone on AT&T

Yesterday, AT&T changed its policy in regards to unlocking off-contract iPhone devices. Translation, it now offers to unlock these iPhones free of charge. The process is a relatively simple one but we wanted to share just how one might go about unlocking their iPhone on AT&T. Unlocking an iPhone will allow users to insert any […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumored for October

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumored for October

A short time ago, a recruiter for Foxconn stated that the next iPhone would be out sometime in June. Well, that release date has now been disputed by another member of the company who says that it will be out this fall. Speaking to South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper, courtesy of Kotaku, the head of […]

AT&T to Start Unlocking iPhones on April 8th

AT&T to Start Unlocking Off-Contract iPhones on April 8th

Just a day after it became apparent that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had forced AT&T to unlock the iPhones of some customers comes word that the carrier will start unlocking off-contract iPhones starting on April 8th. The policy change has not been confirmed by either Apple or AT&T, but instead, it’s a rumor coming from […]

Why the Next iPhone Won’t Launch This Summer

Why the Next iPhone Won't Launch This Summer

Earlier this week, we told you about an interview with a Foxconn recruiter who claimed that the company’s recent hiring binge was because Apple is planning on releasing the next iPhone in June. Don’t count on that happening. Originally, Apple had used June and its World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) as the launching pad for […]

iPhone Headed to Small U.S. Carriers on April 20th

iPhone Headed to Small U.S. Carriers on April 20th

Earlier today, nTelos, a small regional carrier, announced that it would be carrying the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 starting April 20th. Turns out, it will not be the only small U.S. carrier that will be getting an iPhone on that date. As reported by MacRumors, four other small U.S. service providers will be getting […]

5 Things That Siri Needs

5 Things That Siri Needs

When Apple launched the iPhone 4S back in October of 2011, it also launched a new piece of mobile software in iOS 5. The version of iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S was unique as it came with a personal voice assistant called Siri, a feature that allows you to schedule appointments, shop, search the […]

Why Siri is Called Siri


Ever wondered why the personal voice assistant on Apple’s iPhone 4S, Siri, is called Siri? Well, the company’s former CEO Dag Kittlaus has shed some light on the name and why that name was chosen for a product that eventually became one of the iPhone’s latest features. Siri is, in fact, not just some random […]

iPhone 5 Pegged for Fall with Similar Sized Screen

iPhone 5 Pegged for Fall with Similar Sized Screen

Earlier this week, we heard that Apple might be planning to make a major change to the display of the iPhone, specifically, boost it up to 4.6-inches. And while that’s still a possibility, another report has chimed in stating that the next iPhone, presumably called the iPhone 5, will keep a similar screen size. The […]

Check Out This Gorgeous 4.6-inch iPhone Mockup

Check Out This Awesome 4.6-inch iPhone Mock Up

Earlier today, we told you about a Reuters report that claimed that Apple’s next iPhone, presumably called either iPhone 5 or iPhone, would boast a massive 4.6-inch display. And while we’re extremely skeptical at this point, one designer took it upon himself to create a nice mockup of what a 4.6-inch iPhone might look like […]

AT&T Pays iPhone Owner in Data Throttling Case

AT&T Relents, Pays iPhone Owner in Data Throttling Case

AT&T has officially admitted defeat in its ongoing data throttling lawsuit brought on by an iPhone owner who claimed that the carrier unfairly throttled his data after advertising an unlimited data plan. A small claims court judge had previously ruled in Matt Spaccarelli’s favor and today, AT&T decided to pay up awarding Spaccarelli with a […]

Wish Your Smartphone Had a Bigger Screen? You’re Not Alone

iPhone 5 mockup - what it might look like with a bigger screen

Do you wish your smartphone had a bigger screen? According to a study by Strategy Analytics most of us do, which our own Chuong Nguyen posted. He reported that a research firm asked smartphone users in the United States and UK about their phone’s screen. It turns out that 90% of users wanted a bigger […]

Verizon All But Confirms 4G LTE iPhone 5

Verizon All But Confirms 4G LTE iPhone 5

Even before Apple announced the 4G LTE enabled third-generation iPad, there had been speculation that the next version of the iPhone would come equipped with those blazing fast data speeds. Well, in statements made today to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon pretty much confirmed what we think we know. The carrier has made it known […]