Acer Dismisses Apple’s Success on iPad, MacBook Air


Though still un-matched by rivals in their respective spaces, Acer founder Stan Shih is dismissing the Cupertino, California’s success with the iPad tablet and MacBook Air ultraportable computer. Shih says that these fad products are just ‘short-term phenomena,’ and that his company will be coming out with its own products to compete in these respective […]

Jobs Unveils The iPad


Well, the name is the iPad and to emphasize couch surfing. Jobs is sitting on a couch showing it off. No stall surfing demo I’m guessing.

Motion Being Aggressive in Wake of Apple Tablet Tsunami

Give Motion Computing credit. They are at least trying to be aggressive in the wake of all the hype/rumors/buzz/genuflecting that is going on about the Apple Tablet.¬† There’s speculation that Apple is looking at it’s game changer as a vertical market device in addition to a consumer device and the medical profession has been mentioned […]

Smarter touchscreens in the works, including one for the Apple Tablet?


Some interesting touchscreen news to report. First is a proximity-sensing touchscreen patent just granted to Apple. Dug up by Patently Apple (by way of Engadget), this patent describes a manner of detecting proximity of an object, such as a finger or stylus, near a touchscreen. The proximity detection system is configured to detect when an […]

10″ OLED for $600? That can’t be right, can it?

Everyone’s a twitter over the sweet Apple Tablet tweets from Jason Calcanis. Our focus, rightfully, has been on the battery life claim (need more usage data here). However, if I’m piecing this together properly, he’s saying this thing is a 10″ OLED TV for $600. That’s staggering. To put that in perspective, Sony’s XEL-1 is […]

Robert Scoble Late to the Party on Microsoft’s Tablet Bumble


Robert Scoble may be late to the party with his analysis of why Microsoft fumbled and bumbled the Tablet PC, but it will get attention. We’ve been diagnosing and ranting¬† here on the pages and posts of GBM about all the ways that Microsoft missed the mark on what it had for quite some time […]

What I Need To See Before Plunking Down Cash on the Apple Tablet

First, let’s get real. I’ll probably buy the damn thing anyway. Gadget lust will take over at some point and we’ll you know what happens when that occurs. That said, these are the four big things I’ll be looking for today when Apple takes the wraps off of the mythical Apple Tablet, before I plunk […]

Hope it’s not just another flat slate


So all this noise about the Apple Tablet and what it will or will not do got me thinking about tablet design, specifically slate design other than a basic flat screen. I’ve been using slates or convertibles in slate mode for years (longer than there have been Apple tablet rumors, apparently), so believe me when […]

Motion’s Mike Stinson on Tablets as Purpose-Built Devices


It seems like just about everyone is weighing in on Tablets here in the rush to tomorrow. (I guess that can work both metaphorically and literally.) Motion Computing’s Mike Stinson (VP of Marketing) has an interesting post on the Motion Computing Blog called Year of the Tablet? Focus on Purpose-Built Devices. His point? Apple and […]

Inkers Cast a Wary Eye on Apple Tablet Debut


As the announcement of the mythical Apple Tablet creeps closer, and as I’m cranking up an HP 2730p Tablet PC to go back into Ink note taking mode for the final week of rehearsals for The Buddy Holly Story at Wayside Theatre, I know there are quite a few Inkers out there who are a […]

Looking at Tablets From Other Players


UMPC Portal has the best database of web centric Tablets that I’ve seen. Intriguingly it leaves off more traditional Tablet PCs from the likes of Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu, Motion, MobileDemand, TabletKiosk, and others. That said, it’s a good roundup of what some manufacturers are hoping (against hope?) that can grab some of Apple’s coat tails […]

What Do You Want to see in the Apple Tablet?


We’re gearing up for the coming of the mythical Apple Tablet tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll have crazy coverage of the event that’s going to change everything and set the record for the most hyped gadget ever released. We’ve been following most of the rumors, much of the hype, and we’ve all got our opinions on […]

Apple Tablet Expectations Higher than Reality?


Talk about a loop within a loop. There’s no question that expectations for the Apple Tablet are higher than just about anything anyone has ever seen. The pressure is on for Apple to deliver. And that pressure is more than just delivering a device that will be a consumer hit. Expectations this supposed media centric […]

The First Apple Tablet Review is From a Puppet

There’s something eerily ironic about the fact that the first mock Apple Tablet review is from a puppet fan boy. Pretty funny commentary on all that’s been building. “There’s a button that if you press it a unicorn comes to your door and brings you pizza.” Warning: Some rough language.

Reading for the Last Weekend Before the Apple Tablet


This is the last weekend before the Apple Tablet is announced and with the expectations and speculation ramped up to almost impossible to achieve new heights I’ve enjoyed the craziness, the silliness, the real and the off-base reporting, and well, the entire circus. I hope you have too, because I’m guessing it will be some […]

Apple Fighting Fujitsu for iPad Trademark


What’s in a name? Legal fees. Apparently Apple is not just trying to corner the market on Tablets, publishing, music, movies, TV, sharing, and weaken Google’s search dominance, but it is also looking to corner the trademark market on anything that could possibly used as a moniker for its mythic Tablet. Apple has been granted […]

Amazon Opens Up Kindle to Developers with SDK

Amazon is making some moves in what looks like a play to stay ahead of the game before Apple releases its Tablet, that is assumed as a magnet for the publishing industry to try and save its woes. Amazon just yesterday announced a new royalty structure for authors, giving them a larger piece of the […]

Gawker’s Tablet Bounty Hunt Pounced on By Apple Lawyers


Anyone who didn’t see this coming, including the folks at Gawker Media, has to be considered naive at best. As we reported yesterday, Gawker Media offered a bounty for pictures, video, and info of the Apple Tablet via ValleyWag. It didn’t take Apple’s lawyers long to issue a cease and desist, which they did. They […]