Confirmed: Verizon Double 4G LTE Data Plans Ending June 5th

Confirmed: Verizon Double 4G LTE Data Plans End June 5th

Yesterday we told you that Verizon might be ending its current 4G LTE double data plan promotion on June 5th and today, the carrier has confirmed that to be the case. Verizon has informed us that it will indeed be ending double 4G LTE data come June 5th which means those that wish to take […]

Verizon’s Double 4G LTE Data Promo Ends June 5th


It appears that Verizon’s double 4G LTE data offer will be ending in just a few days on June 5th. Originally, we thought that Verizon’s double 4G LTE data offer would be ending on June 3rd but in an email, Wirefly has confirmed that the carrier’s promotion will instead be ending on June 5th. That […]

T-Mobile Rules Out Shared Data Plans

T-Mobile Says No to Shared Data Plans

T-Mobile won’t be following in the footsteps of AT&T and Verizon when it comes to offering shared data plans. In a blog post today, the carrier ruled out the idea of introducing shared data plans, at least for the time being. T-Mobile says that it doesn’t think consumers will benefit from a shared data plan. […]

Here’s How Verizon Plans to Take Your Unlimited Data Plan

Here's How Verizon Plans to Take Your Unlimited Data Plan

Today Verizon revealed how it will kill unlimited data plans. Shortly after releasing a vague statement in which is declined to provide much detail, Verizon has dished some details to The New York Times that clarify just what it plans to do with unlimited data. Customers who are already on an unlimited data plan will […]

T-Mobile Announces New Contract-Free Data Plans

T-Mobile Offers New Prepaid Data Plans

On May 20 T-Mobile will start offering new, less expensive contract-free data plans for mobile hotspots, tablets, and USB sticks. T-Mobile’s new plans start on Monday, May 18 with the base plan offering 300MB of data in a week for $15. The rest of the plans offer data for a month at a time. Those […]

Verizon Offers Little Clarification on Killing Unlimited Data

Verizon Offers Little Clarification on Unlimited Data Disappearing

Yesterday, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo dropped a bomb on owners of grandfathered unlimited data plans saying that the company would be killing those in favor of shared data. Shammo’s announcement though was unfortunately light on the details. Today, Verizon has released a vague statement promising to clarify that policy change when its shared data plan […]

Sprint Can Capitalize On New Opportunities But It Needs an LTE Network Now


The nation’s third largest wireless carrier may be the beneficiary of subscriber growth if Verizon’s planned termination of grandfathered unlimited data plans comes into effect with LTE shared data plans, but the Now Network first needs to have a 4G LTE network now. As Sprint is the only major national wireless carrier in the States […]

Verizon to Kill Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon to Kill Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon has confirmed that it will be killing off grandfathered unlimited data plans that it offers to 3G customers who had contracts in place prior to the carrier’s introduction of tiered data last July. According to Fierce Wireless, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo confirmed the news at the J.P. Morgan Technology, Media and Telecom conference. Shammo […]

AT&T Family Data Plan Coming Soon

AT&T Changes International Data Plans

It appears that AT&T family data plans might be rolling out in the near future. In comments made to CNET, AT&T’s CEO Ralph de la Vega seemed to hint that the carrier’s highly anticipated family data plans might actually be rolling out sooner rather than later. De la Vega said that the carrier has a […]

Has Verizon Already Screwed Galaxy S III Owners?

Has Verizon Already Screwed Future Galaxy S III Owners?

It looks like Verizon is at it again. First, it was (and still is) the carrier’s treatment of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and now, it appears that it’s going to be giving another Samsung device, the Galaxy S III, and its future owners the same kind of terrible treatment. To bring those of you out […]

Verizon 4G LTE Double Data Plans Ending in June?

Verizon 4G LTE Double Data Plans Ending in June?

It appears that Verizon will stop hosting its current 4G LTE double data promotion in the early part of June leaving customers just under a month to take advantage of the offer before it disappears. A report from Droid-Life indicates that Verizon will be stopping the promotion on June 3rd and it’s unclear if the […]

Republic Wireless Proposes Specs for Device Lineup for Its $20 a Month Plan


Wireless newcomer and challenger Republic Wireless, which may be successful in uprooting the current voice and data plan offerings from today’s carriers, has now offered a glimpse of the devices that it hopes to offer in its lineup. The unique thing about Republic Wireless versus other prepaid carriers or MVNOs is that the carrier piggybacks […]

Google Failed in Attempts to Subsidize Android Data Plans for $10 Per Month


In addition to learning what the original Google Android smartphone hardware would look like–the design that predates Google’s and HTC’s G1 which is also known as the world’s first Android phone–we’re also hearing about how Google had once hoped to revolutionize data plans through revelations from its court case against Oracle. According to that information, […]

FCC Hoping to End Bill Shock With New Alert System


The FCC is hoping to protect American wireless consumers from unsightly–and unexpected–high cellular phone and data bills with a new alert system that would warn mobile subscribers when you’re near your limits. With the nation’s two largest national carriers AT&T and Verizon Wireless having already moved to tiered and metered data plans, the FCC’s alert […]

Will the iPad 3 Continue Grandfathered Unlimited Data With 4G?

AT&T Finally Comes Clean on Data Throttling Limits

Last year, when the iPad 2 came out, AT&T allowed customers with the unlimited data plan offered for the iPad 1 (but discontinued before the iPad 2 launch) to keep using that plan with the new tablet, much as they’ve done with iPhone and other smartphone customers. Though recently those same customers are feeling salty […]

iPhone Owner Gets $850 from AT&T Over Data Throttling

iPhone Owner Takes AT&T to Court Over Data Throttling and Wins

AT&T’s data throttling policy, aimed at curbing consumption of those grandfathered into unlimited data plans, has drawn the ire of smartphone owners on one of the nation’s largest cellular providers. However, one man decided to take his frustrations a step beyond customer service and beyond the forums where most complaints take  place. Matt Spaccarelli has […]

AT&T Starts Throttling Grandfathered Unlimited Customers after 2 GB


After AT&T had abandoned its unlimited data offering just before the launch of the iPhone 4, the carrier allowed customers already on the unlimited offering to retain their plans while offering new tiered plans to new subscribers. At the time, AT&T just cautioned that it would begin to throttle users who were in the top […]

T-Mobile USA Caps Domestic Data Roaming on ‘Unlimited Plans’


T-Mobile USA, the nation’s fourth largest wireless provider and the carrier known for unlimited data plans with throttling in lieue  of overages, is now further restricting its ‘unlimited’ plan offerings when users roam domestically. Unlike international roaming, domestic roaming occurs when a customer stays in the U.S. but enters a geographic area where T-Mobile may […]